Kidney Stone Sufferers Much Likelier To Die From End-Stage Kidney Disease

SUMMARY: Patients who get repetitive kidney stones have a higher risk of ESRD (end-stage renal disease) than people who don’t get them as often. Also, patients with asymptomatic stones and bladder stone formers have increased mortality risk than non-stone formers. People who often get kidney stones may be causing kidney injuries with each stone event and therefore they […]

Coffee Could Be Just What Your Kidneys Need

Caffeine and kidney disease have often shared an uncertain relationship, with many conflicting reports over the years pointing to whether or not coffee has a positive impact, negative impact or no impact at all on the kidneys. A recent study in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation has followed the recent trend of positive correlations between coffee consumption […]

Baking Soda Could Prevent & Keep Diabetes From Progressing Into CKD!

There have been lots of natural remedies out there touted as great ways to control your diabetes, but perhaps one of the most surprising is hidden in the back of your pantry. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a vital regulator of pH levels in the body. In a study intended to track the correlation […]

If You Have CKD, You Probably Have Anemia…Here’s How To Control It

People living with CKD are at a much higher risk of developing anemia. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this is that the anemia may not be readily apparent, only showing symptoms once hemoglobin levels fall dangerously low leading to such symptoms as: Difficulty breathing Fatigue and poor energy levels Brain fog Vertigo and lightheadedness  […]