Folic Acid Could Be Just What You Need To Keep CKD In Check!

A new tool in the arsenal of natural treatments for chronic kidney disease has been discovered thanks to a new Chinese study which sought to affirm the correlation between folic acid therapy and improved renal function. The study drew from a pool of 15,104 participants, 1,671 of whom had CKD. The participants were each given […]

‘Minor’ Acute Kidney Injuries Can Lead To Major Problems and Chronic Kidney Disease

When the kidneys become damaged, as is the case with acute kidney injuries, kidney function can become impaired.  Some of the causes of acute kidney injury include: Dehydration Pneumonia Blood Loss Certain medicines, such as anti-inflammatory drugs Over a prolonged period, frequent acute kidney injuries are associated with kidney failure and subsequent death. A recent […]

In Chronic Kidney Disease, Awareness Is Key To Prevention

Chronic Kidney Disease is an illness affecting one in ten Americans and, not only hurts the kidneys, but the whole human body. The kidneys, when they are healthy and functioning normally, produce urine, balance out chemicals like calcium, sodium and potassium and produce hormone which regulate the blood cells. They are also an important part […]

10 Things a Primary Care Doctor Should Know About Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

If you have kidney disease, chances are you find yourself going on a lot of regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments, even aside from your Nephrologist. During these appointments, you’ll want to look out for a few of these things, and make sure that they do too! What one doctor considers a normal Serum Creatinine level may […]

Nutrition And Diet Could Save CKD Patient’s Lives

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently reported that over 90% of non-dialysis CKD patients don’t consult with a dietician even though doing so could radically improve their kidney health. Due to the obesity epidemic and longer lifespans, it is estimated CKD rates will steadily increase with time. Medicare, on average, spends $33 billion […]

The Proof Is In The Pantry! Diet and Kidney Disease Linked By New Study

Chronic kidney disease and diet have long shared a link and science has all but confirmed it. Participants of the 2005-2012 US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey were analyzed in terms of identifying a correlation between dietary intake and level of kidney function. Drawing from a pool of 21,649 participants, 634 of whom had […]

Hope for Kidney Dysfunction Patient’s Blood Vessels with Dietary Cocoa Flavanols

A new study shows drinking cocoa flavanols will improve blood vessel function in the circulatory system of kidney failure patients. Flavonoids are naturally occurring compounds based in: Plants Fruits and vegetables Tea Red wine Cocoa Consuming them are associated with reducing aliments such as cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases. We do not know for […]

Diets Rich In Vitamin E Offer Greater Protection From Acute Kidney Disease

Reducing kidney injury by 62%, Vitamin E is the new hero in cases of coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary interventions. Angiography allows doctors to see the inside of blood vessels, particularly the arteries. Radiopaque contrast agent is injected into blood vessel. This allows blood vessels to become more clearly visible with the proper imaging equipment. […]

Low Blood Pressure Could Spell Disaster For Kidney Disease Patients

There’s undoubtedly a distinct connection between thriving in the face of kidney disease and maintaining balanced health, all-around. Any kind of extremes, whether they be declines or increases, can throw off kidney function when it’s already impaired. And, in the case of chronic kidney disease patients, these imbalances can often prove fatal. One component of […]

Diabetic? Trying This Drink Could Prevent Diabetic Kidney Disease

Despite the most persistent medical treatment and management of diabetes, approximately one-third of people living with diabetes will eventually suffer from diabetic nephropathy, or as it’s otherwise known, diabetic kidney disease. A new clinical trial sought to examine the effects of incorporating probiotic soy milk into the diet of a person at risk for diabetic […]

What Your GP Should Be Looking For If You Have Chronic Kidney Disease

It’s a known fact that people with chronic kidney disease are at an exponentially higher risk for heart failure and infection as per the results of a new study which followed approximately half a million patients. according to a new study of nearly half a million patients. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine […]

Patients With Renal Disease Can Avoid Hyperparathyroidism With This Diet

A recent systematic review by Sichuan University in China uncovered some new information regarding chronic kidney disease patients undergoing dialysis and hyperparathyroidism. Hyperparathyroidism is an excess of the parathyroid hormones which typically result from low blood calcium levels. Its denoted by an enlargement of any of the four smaller glands located on the thyroid in […]

Eat The Rainbow! Antioxidants And How They Can Help Kidney Disease Naturally

Chronic Kidney Disease does not just affect the kidneys. It ends up affecting the whole body which can lead to other problems. In addition, Chronic Kidney Disease can start because of other problems in the human body; it does not necessarily start because of the kidneys themselves. The two main origins of Chronic Kidney Disease […]

Does Lemon Juice Dissolve Kidney Stones?

Although we are familiar with lemons for making fresh lemonade, natural household cleaning or facial tonics, folk medicine claims that this juice, which is rich in vitamin C, may in fact dissolve kidney stones although science does not yet confirm this.  But science does agree that the use of lemons in our diet can certainly […]

High Uranium Levels In India’s Water Could Be To Blame For Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemic

Ahmmedabad:  The heavy metal Uranium which we normally relate to nuclear reactors, is contaminating the water in Gujarat, India as found by a scientific study that covered 16 states. Uranium contamination and the large use of groundwater for agriculture for example, plus increasing salinity, the use of nitrogenous fertilizers and fluoride levels are making the […]

The CKD-High Blood Pressure Link And The Bread That May Help Lower It

If you have chronic kidney disease, chances are you also have high blood pressure. If you do, however, you may not even be aware of it, as a large number of people who have high blood pressure rarely notice the symptoms. However, if not treated, high blood pressure can lead to very serious health conditions […]

These 2 Simple CKD Diet Exchanges Can Help Lower Your Potassium

There are a lot of things you have to watch out for when trying to maintain a healthy kidney disease diet. One of those things is potassium, which isn't filtered as effectively by impaired kidneys. Due to this, it can lead to problems with your bones. One great way to keep potassium levels down, is [...]

What You Should Do To Manage Stress If You Have CKD

It should come as no surprise that chronic kidney disease, any chronic disease really, is incredibly stressful on a patient. The pain it causes, the symptoms, the medications and the hospital visits interrupt the flow of what should be a good and happy life and reduce a person to someone dependent on the kindness and […]

Is Quercetin Something You Should Take For Kidney Disease?

Summary Quercetin, a natural compound, has shown to have some benefits for kidney disease. In recent years there have been multiple studies published on the benefits of quercetin for chronic kidney disease and people on dialysis. Quercetin has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits for the kidneys. It has also shown to improve symptoms of people on […]

The Emotional Strain of Chronic Kidney Disease And What You Can Do About It

A recent study in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology revealed the emotional toll of patients who suffer from chronic kidney disease. Aside from the pain caused by the disease itself, patients feel isolation, mistrustful, alienated and even abandoned when their needs are at their greatest. This is consistent with other findings […]

Raw Milk May Contribute To Kidney Failure In Children

SUMMARY: A recent investigation by a French government-run agency under direction of the Health Ministry, observed that drinking raw dairy milk can have a negative impact on children’s health. This investigation comes as a response to the very serious E. coli 026 outbreak that occurred in France earlier in the year. Several children had contracted […]

Can Fasting Help With Kidney Disease?

A recent study has sought to explore the effects of an 11-day complete water fasting and regeneration diet on renal function, body weight, blood pressure and oxidative stress. Therapeutic WF is considered a healing method. Ten participants drank water for 11 days, followed by adopting the  Regeneration Diet for the subsequent 11 days. Data on body […]

What This Exotic Fruit Does For Your Kidneys Will Amaze You

SUMMARY: A new study from the International Urology and Nephrology Journal uncovered some exciting new benefits of the Açai berry, which originates in Brazil’s Amazon region. Namely, how its unique properties can help to improve many of the most problematic symptoms of chronic kidney disease. Some of the main components Açai berries noted for their potential […]

Is Air Pollution The Real Culprit in Causing Diabetic Kidney Disease?

A new study study suggests that air pollution is responsible for 3.2 million cases per year of type II diabetes. Study author Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly of Washington University and the VA Saint Louis Health Care System in Missouri said it is estimated that about 14 percent of diabetes in the world occurs because of air […]

Even Low-Level Lead Exposure Could Put You At Risk For CKD

According to a recent study published online ahead of print in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, low-level exposure to lead is associated with decreased kidney function. Florencia Harari, MD, PHD, of Sahlrenska University Hospital and University of Gothenburg, Sweden, along with her colleagues, in a prospective population-based cohort, found that individuals with blood lead […]

Sitting For Long Periods Can Cause Kidney Disease!

Even if you exercise daily and eat healthy sitting is a risk factor for developing kidney disease. A recent study in July 2018, by the American Cancer Society, showed if you sit for six hours a day or more, your risk of dying early jumps almost 20%. Compared to people who sit fewer than three […]

9 Facts About Kidneys You May Not Have Been Aware Of

The human kidneys are made up of about a million filtering units called nephrons. Basically, kidneys filter waste and extra, unwanted fluid from the bloodstream. Each nephron includes a filter, called the glomerulus, which are tiny structures of which you have millions of per kidney. In addition, there is a tube. The nephrons work through […]

Why Flaxseeds Are A Must If You Have Polycystic Kidney Disease

Scientists have discovered that flaxseeds may be of help for a person with kidney disease. Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic disease causing cysts to grow on the kidneys. These cysts cause them to slow down and shut down within a year. This disease is the fourth leading cause of kidney disease and affects 600,000 […]

Actress Sarah Hyland Opens Up About Her Struggles With Kidney Disease

Sarah Hyland shared “her truth” late Thursday night with the news that she is back in the hospital. The actress, who has a chronic kidney condition, said that she was “torn from work against my will” to deal with her health. Hyland, 27, has been open with her fans about her health issues ever since she underwent a […]

Spain Is World Leader In Kidney Transplantation…Here’s What That Means

As of now, Spain leads the world in organ donations, a position they have maintained for 26 years straight. In 2017, Spain had 2,183 people become organ donors upon death; this, statistically speaking comes to 46.9 per million people in population. Croatia came in second place with 38.6 per million people in population. The biggest reason cited […]

If You’re Going In For Heart Surgery, Here’s Why You Need To Protect Your Kidneys

Patients undergoing heart surgery may be able to avoid kidney injury through the use of nitric oxide gas. The study, conducted in China, looked at the use of the gas on patients who were undergoing heart valve replacement.  Patients were relatively young and their heart problems were the result of rheumatic fever. Heart valve replacement […]

Kids With Kidney Disease Face Higher Risk of Transplant Rejection Because Of This…

Children awaiting a kidney transplant face the risk of organ rejection due to underlying inflammation according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Transplantation. The retrospective cohort study involved 120 children who’d received kidney transplants, 103 of whom had undergone surveillance biopsies within half a year of undergoing transplantation. Researchers discovered that […]

5 Great Tips For Protecting Your Kidneys

It’s amazing how humans continue to overlook the kidneys despite being very important. Their primary function is technically to keep the body clean on the inside by eliminating toxins, neutralize acids, filtering the blood, absorption of minerals, production of hormones and of course producing the urine that takes the bad stuff out. Unfortunately, kidney care […]

How Eating the Right Foods Helps Better Your Kidney Function

One of the deadliest diseases that can affect a person, if not well managed, is chronic kidney disease. The kidney is a vital organ, and when it is damaged, it affects the body’s ability to filter blood and water, resulting in fluid and waste product build up in the body, which can cause swelling in […]

Apartment Building Water Could Be Toxic To Your Kidneys 

Residents of the Mystic View complex in Pullman, Michigan have received dire news after a routine water examination revealed extremely elevated levels of cadmium last month. Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal proven to cause kidney failure as well as extensive damage to the lungs and bones. The standard limit for cadmium levels permissible in drinking […]

Are High Quality Omega 3 The Best Kept Secret For Support Normal Kidney Function?

Summary Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in the form of Omega 3 have been shown to help support normal kidney function. They have also been shown to support brain health, cardiovascular health (a common complication in kidney disease), skin health and more. Omega 3 fatty acids need to have a high amount of EPA and DHA […]

Latest Research Unveils 20 New Drugs For The Kidney Killer List…Is Yours On Here?

A new study published in Pharmacotherapy has shed light on some of the most potentially dangerous drugs for kidneys which, oddly enough, haven’t been recognized for their nephrotoxicity but are still observed to cause acute kidney injury. Researchers quantified associations between medications and acute kidney injuries, categorizing them as either known, possible or new nephrotoxins. The […]

Bad Blood Flow In Kids With CKD Causes Cognitive Impairment…Here’s What To Do

Some new research recently published online in the Radiology journal has further linked the presence of chronic kidney disease with brain lesions which can cause sharp declines in cognitive function, especially among children afflicted by the disease. Good cognitive function is so essential in children, as so much of their mental development is taking place [...]

Metformin Ruled Safe for Diabetic Patients Suffering From CKD

Findings arising from recent studies have shown that Metformin, the cost-effective diabetes medication is safe for most patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). Two separate studies which involve 150,000 patients was carried out under the auspices of Johns Hopkins Medical Investigators. The goal of the study is to determine the drug’s association with the […]

Major Spike In Uric Acid Levels Among Irish Could Lead To Kidney Disease

Ireland is seeing a nationwide increase in uric acid levels among its population and this development is problematic because as we now know, higher uric acid levels have been linked to a wide array of illnesses such as kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and strokes. The University of Limerick's Graduate Entry Medical School found that [...]

Drug Use And Chronic Kidney Disease…What You Need To Know

Highlights Research has shown that a high number of people suffering from chronic kidney disease that engage in illicit drug intake have a higher risk of kidney disease progression and early death. One of the factors that can lead to early death is smoking tobacco Drinking alcohol puts the individual at a lower risk of […]

The Secret To Great Kidney Health? Omega-3 Fish Oils!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of fatty acids at some point. These fatty acids, otherwise known as Omega-3, are vital nutrients the body is unable to synthesize meaning they can typically only be obtained through diet or supplements. Medical organizations like the American Heart Association and others have advised people to eat oily fish a few times […]

What Do Soft Drinks Do To Kidneys? Nothing Good.

Medical experts on Friday advised Ramadan fasters not to consume soft drinks at Iftar time because after sixteen hours of fasting, they’re much more prone to negatively impact kidney function. This helps to direct attention to a topic on the minds of many CKD patients who enjoy soda. Can you keep drinking it when you have kidney […]

UFC’s Uriah Hall Opens Up About His Struggle With Acute Kidney Failure

Uriah hall, a UFC middleweight fighter recently had a health scare just before his last fight as a result of the recent weight cut. He is now taking measures to ensure it never happens again. Perhaps, he would have to put together a combination of medication and lifestyle changes before his next fight, which should […]

How To Keep Up Iron Levels With Kidney Disease (Sans Meat)

When it comes to eating the proper diet for kidney disease, one of the toughest things to be mindful of are your different mineral levels. One of those vital minerals is iron. Iron is very important to the body, particularly because of its role in transporting oxygen to all parts of the body, it’s ability […]

Egg a day tied to lower risk of heart disease, often co-morbid in CKD

People struggling with chronic kidney disease, often face a plethora of co-morbid conditions, and one of the most dangerous of these is heart disease. But a popular staple of your food pantry may be able to help prevent that, according to a new study. This recent Chinese study suggests that people who consume an egg […]

Doctors distressed by ‘unethical’ dialysis rules for undocumented immigrants

According to recent research, medical doctors in many of the US states that don’t cover services for undocumented immigrants until they are in a near death situation feel they are in a moral dilemma considering they took an oath to ‘do no harm’ but the dialysis payment policies are not exactly supportive of the oath. […]

Mediterranean Diet May Offer Benefits To CKD Patients

Patients with chronic kidney disease could benefit a lot from Mediterranean diet according to a review published in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation. The report suggest that there are several clinical guidelines for chronic disease prevention that are supported by foods that contain fiber, high grain content, refined sugar, sodium, little meat (especially the processed ones) and […]

Low-Protein Diet with Ketoacids Found to Improve Symptoms in Diabetic CKD Patients

The incidence rate of chronic kidney disease has continued to rise in recent years in the same way that end-stage renal disease keeps increasing. More and more CKD patients are dying. Researchers have found out that dialysis has negative effects and it reduces the quality of life for chronic kidney disease patients. These troubling findings […]

Is Ramadan Fasting Okay For Your Kidneys? Here’s The Verdict…

As some of you may know, Ramadan, a holy month in the Islamic religion began on Wednesday, May 16th and will continue until approximately Thursday, June 14th as it is dependent on the lunar Islamic calendar. During this holy month, which is a commemoration of the first revelation of the Quran to Mohammed, many Muslims fast […]

CKD In Children…Here’s Some Top Tips To Help Kids With Kidney Disease

Hi everyone, here's a quick video I recently did about some studies we've referenced before concerning kids with chronic kidney disease and how it negatively impacts the state of their bone health. As we know, children often engage in lots of rough and tumble activities and that level of activity couple with brittle bones is [...]

Could Gut Bacteria Metabolites Predict Kidney Disease?

A team of Canadian scientists have found a link between metabolites from gut bacteria and the development of atherosclerosis plaque that is one of the biggest causes of chronic kidney disease, heart disease and stroke. The research findings were published in the journal Atherosclerosis. Their findings show that gut bacteria contribute a lot to the […]

Lawsuit Claims Drug Manufacturer is Suppressing Less Kidney-Toxic AIDS Drug

Lawyers for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) filed a lawsuit against Gilead on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, for personal injury and class action. They alleged that Gilead delayed the development of a safer drug in place of their very profitable HIV drug tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) for almost 20 years. The personal injury action is […]

5 Worst Sodium-Filled Foods to Ditch If You Want To Steer Clear of Kidney Disease

Excessive sodium in the diet is the most urgent threat to health according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Dr. Jackson Wright, who manages a hypertension program at the University Hospitals Case Medical Centers, concurs saying we consume ten times more salt than is necessary for health. Statistics support these allegations because: […]

Cut Kids’ Risk of Acute Kidney Injury In Half With Acetaminophen!

A study done at Vanderbilt and published in JAMA Pediatrics found that children who had heart surgery were less likely to develop kidney injury if they were treated with acetaminophen in the first 48 hours following surgery. According to Sara Van Driest, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, one of the study’s authors, […]

What These Urine Samples Reveal About Chronic Kidney Disease Will Shock You

A study done at Loyola Medicine and Loyola University Chicago and published in the journal International Urology and Nephrology found 19 types of bacteria in the urine of patients with kidney disease. Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Corynebacterium, Lactobacillus, Gardnerella, Prevotella, Escherichia, Shigella and Enterbacteriaceae were some of the bacteria found. Interestingly few samples were overpoweringly dominated by […]

Melania Trump Undergoes Undisclosed Kidney-Related Procedure

First lady Melania Trump underwent an undisclosed procedure Monday for a reportedly benign kidney condition. She was expected to remain in the hospital for at least a week to recover.   This has drawn up some speculation as to what the undisclosed kidney condition could be with urologists positing it could be a type of […]

Antibiotics Can Give You Kidney Stones…Here’s The Proof!

SUMMARY: The problem with antibiotics is not limited to increasing antibiotic resistance in bacteria. A group of scientists have found a link between the use of oral antibiotics and the risk of developing kidney stones. The findings will be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN). For […]

Link Found Between Sleep Duration and Health Related Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

A new study has found that sleep duration may determine health-related quality of life (HRQOL) experienced by people who suffer from chronic kidney disease. The findings of the study will be published in the upcoming issue of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. For chronic kidney disease patients, lack of energy, fatigue […]

Medscape Study: Nephrologists Are The Most Burnt Out, So Quality of Care Drops. 

Summary: Medical news hub, Medscape regularly publishes an annual report on the lifestyle factors of medical professionals and specifically how these factors contribute to their ability to effectively attend patients. Nephrologists are surprisingly one of the top kinds of specialists that are effected by chronic burnout. Here were some of the most interesting findings: The […]

Prevent Diabetic Kidney Disease With This Herbal Tea

Diabetic kidney disease (DKD), also known as chronic kidney disease (CKD), kidney disease of diabetes, and diabetic nephropathy, is the type of kidney disease that is caused by diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the major cause of diabetic kidney disease and other problems such as blindness, heart disease and poor circulation in the limbs. Green […]

Could A Watch Reveal The Presence Of Kidney Disease? For One Teen, It Did

The evolution of technology is truly a wonderful thing that has made life much easier in a variety of ways. One of those ways is staying healthy. Apple’s Smart Watch, which has a feature built into it to monitor a person’s heart beat may have saved one Florida teen’s life according to her. Upon notifying […]

If You’re A Hispanic American These Diet Changes Could Help Prevent CKD

Did you know that if you’re a Hispanic American, you are more than one and a half times likely to develop kidney failure. When kidneys fail, everything else starts to go wrong as well, and waste is no longer as efficiently eliminated from the blood. Hormone balance is thrown off and serious symptoms start to […]

If Your Child Has Kidney Disease, Stop Brittle Bones From Breaking With Vitamin D!

Summary: A recent study published in Nephrology Dialysis Transplant Journal Feb 21, 2018 showed Vitamin D supplementation in children with chronic kidney disease improved markers of bone health. If your child has chronic kidney disease Vitamin D has shown tremendous benefits. For conservative purposes begin with 400IU per day of Vitamin D3 for children with chronic kidney […]

Paul O’Connor, Ph.D., a Renal Physiologist Says Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases May Be Baking Soda

Summary: Renal Physiologist says baking soda also called sodium bicarbonate is good for your kidneys and auto-immune diseases.  With knowledge from other research studies that had found that baking soda reduces acidity in the body and slows down the development of kidney diseases, scientists at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG), decided to study the […]

Hydralazine-related AAV Causes Advanced Kidney Disease in Some Patients, Study Finds

In a study, done by scientists at John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, examined patients who had received hydralazine and developed AAV to find out the effects on the kidneys. They found that some patients with ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) caused by hydralazine — a medication for hypertension — develop end-stage kidney disease, even […]

New Study Highlights Treatments to Reduce Phosphorous Levels In CKD Patients On Dialysis

Nicotinic Acid May Improve Hyperphosphatemia in HD A new study, performed by Xianhua Liu, MD. and other scientists and published in Medicine, has found that nicotinic acid and its derivatives and analogs can remarkably reduce serum phosphorus in CKD patients undergoing hemodialysis. However, there are adverse effects associated with the use of these compounds. Meta-analysis […]

Failing Kidney Function Linked to Risk of Osteoporosis-Related Fractures

Osteoporosis is a common condition among people who are growing old, and can lead to serious injury after a fall, affecting mobility. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is connected to osteoporosis and many older people who have easy fractures due to osteoporosis invariably also suffer from CKD. A group of researchers studied the relationship between CKD […]

First Drug Approved For Polycystic Kidney Disease!

Until yesterday there was no treatment, in the U.S. for PKD aside  from controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.  But PKD sufferers are now in luck! An old drug which was found to help slow down the cyst growth of PKD has recently been approved. This drug, called JYNARQUE™  has been approved and used in other parts of the […]

So Far, Aldi’s Has The Best Price For Organic, Frozen Blueberries

You know here at Healthy Kidney Inc., we regularly sing the praises of the blueberry and all that it can do for everything from kidney disease to weight loss and anti-aging. So, it’s only natural that when I had a couple of extra pounds to lose, I turned to blueberries to tame my snack cravings, […]

Warning Signs For Kidney Disease Could Be Brewing In Your Gut

As has been said many times our health is in the gut, yet many people have no idea what this means and they eat any and all foods thanks to heavy advertising. The diet that the average Westerner follows, which includes too many chips, pies, cakes, confectionery, soft drinks, saturated fats, fried foods, and chemical-laden […]

Proton Pump Inhibitors Are Killing Thousands Of Kidneys Each Year!

SUMMARY: One of my most recent clients came to me with kidneys that were failing and no one knew why. He’d been to numerous specialists and was still no closer to an answer as to what had gone wrong with his kidney health. After a series of thorough examinations and taking into account his use […]

Re-Thinking Protein’s Place In A Healthy Kidney Diet

The findings of meta-analysis and systematic review of 27 controlled clinical trials that were carried out between 1985 and 2016 (a period totaling 31 years) were presented at the National Kidney Foundation 2018 Spring Clinical Meetings held in Austin, Texas recently. The review found that low protein diets can delay kidney failure and dialysis initiation […]

Got A Kidney Transplant? Here’s Why You Need To Be Eating More Vegetables

Post-Kidney Transplant diet and nutrition is just as important as what you’re eating beforehand. Prior to receiving a transplant, people with end-stage renal disease are very restricted in the foods they may eat. But once a transplant is successful, what can you do to make sure it stays as healthy as possible? Although many kidney […]

Another Study Shows Probiotics Are Great For Kidney Health!

Findings presented at the National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meetings shed more light on the benefits of probiotic supplements on chronic kidney disease. Probiotics can help significantly reduce inflammation, improve gastrointestinal health and even help in reducing uremic toxins. The study most notably revealed a total body reduction in inflammation  and a reduction in serum […]

Stop Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) From Progressing With Sodium Bicarbonate

Research in a 2001 issue of the Journal of Experimental Nephrology revealed that sodium bicarbonate could significantly help with management of Polycystic Kidney Disease, commonly known as PKD. In the research, short-term administration of sodium bicarbonate was able to lessen the risk of developing PKD in lab rats. It was also found to diminish enlargement […]

Synthetic Marijuana Could Be Killer Weed For Your Kidneys

We’ve already told you about the purported benefits of medical marijuana on kidney health, or at least, its lack of hazards. Synthetic marijuana, on the other hand, is a very different story.  Synthetic marijuana has already been revealed as a major contributing factor in some recent deaths in the Chicago area. Resulting arrests were made after […]

Women, Listen Up…Belly Fat May Put Your Kidneys In Danger!

A new study from the Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis has shed some light on the impact of excess stomach fat upon women diagnosed with kidney cancer. According to the study, fat has an impact on how successful a woman might be in her fight against kidney cancer but not so much in […]

This Salad Is About To Become One Of Your Favorite Renal Diet Foods

In terms of renal diet foods and the meals you can put together, you may think a lot of things when the word 'salad' comes to mind. Boring. Bland. Uninteresting. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! With renal diet foods, you may need to pay closer attention to things like potassium, sodium [...]

Soy Is A Kidney’s Good Friend! And Science Says So!

Soy protein is a popular and prevalent ingredient in many vegetarian dishes, especially those considered meat substitutes. It has often been touted for both its benefits and versatility, but how does it fit into a kidney disease diet? Is it a healthy option or should it be avoided altogether? A new study has taken the […]

Know Your Noodle, Making Every Bite Count In Your CKD Diet

Pastas are a staple of many peoples’ diets and can definitely have a place in a healthy CKD diet, but if you have diabetic kidney disease and your body struggles with balancing its blood sugar levels, carbohydrates (which the body converts to sugar) need to be watched like a hawk. So, what’s a pasta-lover to […]

A Testimonial Which Proves The Power Of A Healthy Kidney Diet

Here’s one of numerous testimonials from one of our kidney disease clients, whose dedication to closely following the healthy kidney diet, lifestyle and nutrition supplement protocols we set in place for them yielded the best possible results and improved the state of their kidney disease. This serves only to re-iterate the vital importance of nutrition […]

Coffee And Kidney Disease…Could Your Risk Be Lowered By An Extra Cup?

SUMMARY: Coffee and kidney disease is a combination that’s generally frowned upon, but those at risk of developing CKD may be able to prevent it from striking by increasing their coffee consumption, a new study shows.  According to a recent publication in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, people who consume a high amount of […]

Herbs For Kidney Disease May Help Prevent Acute Kidney Injury Hospitalizations

From 2000 to 2014, there has been a significant increase in the rate of hospitalization for acute kidney injuries (AKI) in men and women here in the US according to a recent report in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). Researchers at the center for Disease Control and Prevention made use of data from the [...]

Kidney Disease Diet 101: Checking Nutritional Info On Your Food Labels!

What’s the secret to maintaining a healthy kidney disease diet? It goes without saying that when you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, things are going to change. And one of the biggest changes revolves around what it is you’re consuming on a regular basis. If you’re like the majority of people, food isn’t something […]

Overcoming Nighttime Sugar Cravings on a Kidney Disease Diet

  Here's another safe, kidney diet staple snack of mine that satisfies sweet tooth cravings while remaining nutritious and packed with antioxidants. This creamy treat is a little concoction I whip up for myself from time to time and it features that ever-permanent hallmark of my pantry, blueberries! As it turns out, blueberries and kidney [...]

More Developments In The Nexium Kidney Disease Lawsuit

Defendants involved in the hundreds of lawsuits levied against manufacturers of the drug, Nexium have filed a ‘Master Answer’ in response to the ‘Master Complaint’ plaintiffs lodged against them earlier in the year. The ‘Master Answer’ comes as a response to the allegations that the manufacturers’ proton pump inhibitors were directly responsible for consumers’ kidney-related […]

Children With Kidney Disease Face A Much Harder Time In The Classroom

Chronic kidney disease in children leads to permanent damage to the kidneys and decreases their efficiency, thus leading to either dialysis or renal transplant surgery. But how does it effect another important aspect of a child’s life, their education? The Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology states that children with chronic kidney disease […]

Prone to Kidney Stones? You’ll Want to Avoid This Popular Food!

How could tomatoes and kidney stones possibly be connected, you may be asking yourself. After all, tomatoes are renowned for their tremendous health benefits. Tomatoes are filled with vitamin c, antioxidants and lycopene all of which help to reduce oxidative stress to the body. This means the body functions better for longer and seems to […]

Improve Kidney Disease by Lifting Weights

Weight lifting is often the topic of conflicting information regarding its effect on health, on the one hand it can be a great way to enhance your strength, endurance and build up fat-burning muscles. On the other, it’s been blamed with an alleged connection to everything from hernias to bursitis.  According to a new study, […]

Do the Cosby’s Have A Genetic Form of Chronic Kidney Disease?

Ensa Cosby, Bill Cosby’s daughter, recently died from complications stemming from renal disease at the age of 44 and her untimely death begs the question, could genetics have played a role?  Ensa is comedian Bill Cosby’s daughter, who appeared in a single episode of “The Cosby Show” in the late 80s. More recently, she returned […]

Kidney Failure Associated With Low Albumin Levels

According to the findings of a newly conducted research study, low serum albumin levels are independently connected with an increased risk of ESRD. This connection has nothing to do with chronic kidney disease risk factors and they include baseline glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR). The ESRD was 61 and 69 percent […]

GFR Decline Tied to Protein Intake in African-Americans with Diabetes

Recent studies suggest that increased intake of protein as a percentage of the total energy intake is linked with an increased decline in the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) among African-Americans with diabetes.  The population examined by this particular study was made up of 3,165 participants. It was observed that over an 8-year period, there […]

Is There a Link Between Marijuana Use and Kidney Disease? The Answer Will Shock You

SUMMARY: What’s the connection between marijuana and kidney disease? This is a question I get a lot, especially in today’s world where marijuana is becoming much more widely used for both medical and recreational purposes. Can kidney disease be worsened by consuming too much marijuana? The short answer is, no. But the long-term effects of […]

Nexium Kidney Disease Lawsuit Accuses AstraZeneca of Providing Consumers with False, Misleading Safety Information

Summary: Medications are needed for kidney disease, but many are down right dangerous for the kidneys. Often times we discover that years later when the damage has been done to many people. It always comes down to two things. Either the companies didn’t know about it or they new, but estimated that profits will exceed […]

With Medicine Running Out, Venezuelans With Kidney Transplants Live in Fear

Yasmira Castano, a young Venezuelan felt she had a new lease on life when she received a transplant over 20 years ago, enabling her to finish high school and go on to pursue work as a manicurist. However, sometime last year, she wasn’t able to find the drugs that prevented her body from rejecting the […]

Selena Gomez Kidney Transplant Increasing Kidney Donations For CKD And Dialysis Patients

Selena Gomez announced that she discreetly had a kidney transplant after suffering from Lupus. The kidney was generously given to her by her friend, actress Francia Raisa. This act of kindness on the part of Miss Raisa has inspired many people to take a new interest in selfless living kidney donation and people who are […]

Here’s My Review of 8 Kidney Diet-Friendly Seasonings

Looking around my kitchen, I came across some of my favorite kidney diet-friendly spices which I use in many of the dishes I cook. These are great, kidney-friendly cooking alternatives that don’t sacrifice savory flavor even though they boast no sodium content. When you cook without sodium you really have to increase your seasonings and […]

Enjoy A Guest Post From One Of Our Clients & Fellow CKD Sufferer!!!

Summary: A wonderful client who came in wrote a story she wanted to share about her experience with kidney disease. Take a moment to read her story.  My Journey, Destination Unknown        In March of 2017, I went for what promised to be a routine yearly physical. However, the promise was broken. It turned out that there […]

New Study Highlights Connection Between Chinese Diet and Kidney Disease In Taiwan

Summary: Taiwanese researchers show naturally obtained N-3 fatty acids from fish help renal function in type-2 Diabetics. For years, Western dietary habits have been strongly linked with Renal diseases, with the emphasis on fried, fatty and over-processed foods in the typical American diet being directly correlated with the higher than average incidence of kidney disease. […]

IV Therapy Puts Kendall Jenner In Hospital, Does It Pose A Risk For Your Kidneys?

IV therapy has been touted as being a cure for everything from hangovers and the flu to depression and even premature aging. Some people swear by it and even well-known celebrities like Cara Delevigne, Adele and Rihanna have sung its praises. The truth, however, is that IV therapy is at best, a hyped-up fad and, [...]

Horny Goat Weed And What It Can Do For Kidney Disease

Horny goat weed is a name that will surely stick. I doubt anyone can forget this name easily. You might have seen pouches of it on the shelves of local bodega or gas station and thought to yourself – what could this be? Well, you finally have an answer to your question. This is a […]

Francia Raisa Considers Selena Gomez Her “Family” After Donating Her Kidney To The Singer

True fans of Selena Gomez are well aware of the fact that she suffered from Lupus for several years yet; many were surprised when she announced she would be taking a break from her career to undergo a kidney transplant. At the time, she seemed very lucky because she got her friend and fellow performer […]

The Challenge Of Staying On A Kidney Diet During A Family Visit!

Chicken Noodle Soup Without The Chicken A good family always wants the best for you. Depending on your cultural background and geographic location, your family’s mindset around food could be something like the well-known adage, “You can’t get up until you finish your plate.” This, along with many other factors, make it a challenge to stay on a […]

Here Is How I Maintained My Kidney Disease Diet One Day!

Some days I get so busy I often don’t plan my food for the day. I have to stick to my kidney disease diet, as best I can. I have seen how bad my kidney numbers get when I don’t follow my diet for a period of time. GFR decreases, creatinine goes up, BUN elevates, CO2 […]

Dialysis Drains Your Minerals…Here’s What To Do About It!

Acute Kidney failure is a very serious complication in many critically ill patients and is linked with very high mortality. Severe form of acute kidney failure requires continuous renal replacement therapy. This is the reason why continuous replacement therapy is commonly used in most hospitals. This therapy includes hemofiltration, which involves the transfer of different […]

Why Lowering Uric Acid Is A Treatment That Can Save Your Kidneys!

PLOS published a a study in which it explained that drugs which lower uric acid enhanced renal functions and decreased the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases In adult patients with chronic renal disease. Pegloticase, allopurinol and febuxostat are common uric acid lowering drugs available right now. Researchers and doctors performed a detailed [...]

Beetroot Pill Could Help Save Patients from Kidney Failure After Heart X-ray

A research led by Queen Mary University of London noted that the risk of kidney failure in patients having heart x-ray could be reduced by Beetroot. This research, which is to be sponsored by the National Charity Heart Research UK will observe if the dietary inorganic nitrate commonly found in Beetroot could be used in […]

Blood Acid Can Kill Your Kidneys Fast But This One Kidney Supplement Stops It Quick!

Article Summary:  In people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), buffering serum (blood) acid with bicarbonate has been shown to slow the progression of kidney disease and kidney failure. GI friendly enteric coated sodium bicarbonate is the preferred supplement for your kidneys. Enteric coating allows the bicarbonate to be released passed the stomach to avoid complicatios […]

Solve Your Kidney Problems: Improve Kidney Disease by Losing Weight

Both old and new research has reiterated that people who are overweight are at a higher risk of having kidney problems. On the other hand, if you already kidney complications, you can improve your health by losing weight. This article focuses on the benefits of losing weight as a CKD patient or if you are [...]

Mysterious Kidney Disease In Farm Workers Has A Name “Mesoamerican Nephropathy” & How To Prevent It!

Summary: Research in the past has shown that there is an illness known as ‘Mesoamerican Nephropathy,’ also known as Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Origin (CKDu). More recent research has shown that whenever a workforce has access to shade, rest and water, the chances of CKDu and kidney injury is lower and the pain is […]

Are Prebiotics and Probiotics A Good Idea For Kidney Disease?

Chronic kidney disease (CKD), refers to the gradual loss of kidney function over months or years and this condition is also called chronic renal disease. The symptom experienced when having a deteriorating kidney is specific and might involve the patient feeling generally sick and having little or no appetite for food. In many cases, CKD […]

Small Amounts of Lead May Damage Children’s Kidneys

Children and kidney disease are a serious issue that could be becoming far more serious according to a new study. Small amounts of lead in the bodies of healthy children and teens — amounts well below the levels defined as “concerning” by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — may worsen kidney […]

Study Shows Which Renal Diet Foods Will Harm & Help Your Kidneys!!!

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a gradual deterioration in kidney health resulting in the gradual loss of kidney function this is usually caused by diabetes or high blood pressure. About 26 million people in the United States alone live with this condition. CKD affects both Kidneys and if not detected early enough or left untreated, […]

Video Games Are To Blame For Some Kidney Disease Says Medical Doctor & World Health Organization

Summary: You would never think that playing videos games can lead to kidney disease. However, that is happening more and more. What happens is when one plays video games for long periods of time without taking breaks. Circulation slows, normal functions like using the bathroom are ignored, detoxification slows, less water is consumed, etc.  All […]

Which Fits Into The Best Diet For Kidney Disease? Brown Rice or White Rice? Hi, this is Robert Galarowicz, founder of which is all about helping people treat their chronic kidney disease naturally. In today's video, I'll be discussing a bit more about one of the most widely-loved and eaten food out there, rice! Unfortunately, not all rice is created equal when it comes to creating and [...]

Silica Dust Is Toxic To Your Kidneys & You May Not Know You’re Working With It

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will begin to enforce the crystalline silica rule for construction, which begins on June 23, 2018. Why is OSHA so focused on silica dust and why should you be aware of it? Because exposure to this dust can cause some very serious health effects such as kidney disease. […]

Women Have More Kidney Stones & 3 Tips To Avoid Them

The presence of kidney stones among women specifically is on the rise according to some of the latest research. This spike in activity could also be attributed to better diagnostic tools, say researchers, as previously undetected symptomatic kidney stones are now being diagnosed as such with the use of CT scans.Drawing upon the records of […]

One Of Our Favorite Kidney Friendly Recipes, Vegetable Fried Rice!

Rice is a staple of many people’s diets. It’s an energizing, balancing dish that can fuel your body and even aid in digestion. Its abundance throughout the world has contributed to its great popularity. It’s enjoyed at different times throughout the day by various different cultures, with many Asian countries eating rice with steamed vegetables […]

Should Treating Constipation Be Part of A CKD Treatment Plan?

In a large nationwide study of 3.5 million US veterans, constipation was associated with kidney health and as a result, researchers are considering whether proper treatment of constipation could help treat or prevent kidney disease. A visiting scholar at the University of Tennessee Health Science center in Memphis, TN, Keiichi Sumida, MD stated that in […]

Should Vitamin E Be Part Of A CKD Treatment Plan?

Recent research has shown that Vitamin E has the capacity to prevent the buildup of calcium in the blood vessels of CKD patients, which is a common problem. Apart from being a cause of kidney failure and high BP, calcium build up could also be a resultant effect of high-fat foods and the impact of […]

Have You Checked Out Our Video About Juicing and Kidney Disease?

We’re doing all sorts of exciting things on YouTube, posting videos that contain answers to the most pressing questions about kidney disease and how it relates to every aspect of your life. When you have CKD, you know how important it is to be watchful of everything from diet to which tests you need to […]

Children With Kidney Disease Have Greater Risk for Kidney Failure Later in Life

A new study notes that kidney disease in childhood is linked with an enhanced risk of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in adulthood, irrespective of whether or not the kidney functions normally through adolescence. The results, which were based on a population-based nationwide cohort study of 1,521,501 Israeli adolescents examined before compulsory military service in 1967 […]

Donating A Kidney Could Increase Your Health Risks & What To Do About It!

New research suggests that donating a kidney may not shorten your life or enhance the chances of you getting heart disease or diabetes; but, there are some other health risks that you might become more susceptible to. From old studies that have been carried out on over 100,000 living kidney donors, it was observed that […]

Is Water A Viable Natural Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease?

Researchers from Westmead Hospital and the Westmead Institute for Medical Research in Australia are developing a safe, cheap and effective method to treat polycystic kidney disease; drinking the right amount of water.  Earlier research has shown that drinking more water may have a beneficial effect on polycystic kidney disease and now their testing in humans.  […]

Is A Vegetarian Diet For Kidney Disease Good, Bad or Deadly?

This question has been a topic of debate for decades among top doctors and researchers in the world. With the advancements in technology, we now know more than ever how diet effects kidney disease and the impact of a vegetarian diet on chronic kidney disease. It is important to make healthy food choices irrespective of […]

Is Weight Loss The Best Natural Remedy For Kidney Disease?

Obesity has been linked to numerous health problems by modern medicine, and the link between weight and kidney disease is one that’s recently become clearer to researchers. In a 2014 UC-San Francisco study, researchers observed a link between kidney disease and obesity, while also discovering that impaired kidney function was more easily detectable than other […]

The Best Supplement For Polycystic Kidney Disease!

Prefer to watch this information view our video What Makes Resveratrol The Best Supplement For Kidney Disease? Resveratrol, a plant compound commonly found in grapes and red wines, has been shown to improve heart health and even help prevent certain cancers. But, did you know, it’s also been recently shown to help improve polycystic kidney […]

Your Cosmetics Can Be Killing Your Kidneys FDA Says!

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) of Ghana stated on Tuesday that the ban on the import of all cosmetic products that contain hydroquinone is very much in force and cautioned the public to be very aware of the ingredients in their moisturizers, creams and foundations. Hydroquinone is a skin lightener commonly used in dark-mark […]

Discover Which Tests Reveal Kidney Disease And Which Ones Miss The Mark

Excess fluids and all other wastes are removed from the blood by the Kidney and their health level can be ascertained through urine and blood tests. Urine tests also have the capacity to show just how well and often these wastes are removed as well as if the kidneys are leaking abnormal amounts of protein, […]

Pollutants To Blame For Pandemic Kidney Disease In Costa Rica

According to the Costa Rican government, a disproportionately high number of people, and sugarcane field workers in particular, living in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica have been suffering from a wave of chronic kidney disease with numbers tripling in recent years.  Many of the causes behind the kidney disease epidemic seem to stem from […]

How To Improve Diabetic Kidney Disease Naturally!

Do you know there is a vitamin that plays the role of a powerful antioxidant, preventing free radical, cell damage when diabetic kidney disease is present? That healing substance is called vitamin E. A fat-soluble vitamin that’s required for the proper function of many organs including our precious kidneys. Diabetes is generally categorized as type […]

The Horrifying Effects of “Southern” Comfort Foods On Your Kidneys

Sweet tea brimming with sugar, chicken coated in batter and deep-fried, collard greens dripping with bacon grease. These are just some of the most infamous foods commonly associated with Southern cuisine in the U.S. Not only are the cooking methods typically used in preparing Southern dishes pretty unhealthy for peoples’ cholesterol levels, blood pressure and […]

What Is Your Gut Telling You About Kidney Disease?

Your body is host to a plethora of microorganisms inhabiting your gastrointestinal and respiratory systems along with your skin, oral cavity and urogenital tracts. These microorganisms, specifically those in your gut, are complex and change over time due to factors like diet, age, environment and lifestyle. They serve primarily to harness energy, preserve intestinal health […]

Sodium Levels In Processed Foods Still Enabling Kidney Disease Risk

According to Health Canada, despite placing sodium restrictions on processed foods, many of these levels have stayed the same or worse, increased. The measure to reduce sodium in 94 categories of different processed foods was introduced four years ago, but despite the great efforts involved in implementing these changes, the food industry has been less […]

An Interesting Way To Naturally Pass A Kidney Stone

  Kidney stones plague millions of people worldwide annually and though there are several natural treatments available to help with the painful process of passing them, no method is quite as unorthodox as the roller coaster.  It may seem strange, but a professor of Osteopathy, David Wartinger has been researching the numerous claims from roller […]

Artificial Intelligence Could Revolutionize Kidney Disease Diagnosis

The use of technology to identify potential health concerns is an exciting area of the medical field which is only destined to enjoy wider attention in years to come. One such ground-breaking new use of technology, in the form of AI or Artificial Intelligence, is currently being utilized by researchers at the Boston University School […]

Why Blueberries Are The Stand-Out Star Of Any Good Kidney Disease Diet Hi, this is Robert Galarowicz, founder of which is all about helping people treat their chronic kidney disease naturally. Having a diet that is centered around improving your kidney disease is the cornerstone of my approach to kidney disease treatment. There are loads of nutritious foods out there that you should definitely be [...]

What A Medical Doctor Ate To Reverse Her Lupus With Diet

This is a story about how a vegan diet helped put lupus in remission for a medical doctor. It is an extreme case with a great response that I don’t expect would happen for everyone. However, it’s worth exploring as it shows the power of diet in improving your health. Especially, your kidney health and […]

Skip The Sunscreen If You Have Kidney Disease!

Almost a billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency.  That breaks down to around 1 in 7 people. Vitamin D deficiency also affects about 95% of African American adults. This is according to a clinical study review by the American Osteopathic Association. If you have kidney disease you are at a much greater risk […]

There’s A One-In-Three Chance You’re Deficient In This Vitamin If You Have Kidney Disease

A new study out of Groningen University has established a critical link between kidney disease patients and a deficiency in Vitamin K. The study actually found that one-in-three people were deficient in this vitamin, but that deficiency was approximately 50% greater in people with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease. This deficiency […]

If You Have Kidney Disease And Are On Dialysis, Here’s Why You Need To Be Exercising

Dialysis can provide great relief for those struggling through the later stages of kidney disease, it can help filter out toxins that the impaired kidneys are unable to and contribute to a greater sense of general well-being. That being said, however, dialysis can also be a very time-consuming process that leaves you with cramps, headaches […]

Chinese Kidney Transplants May Have Come From Unwitting Donors in Widespread Organ Harvesting Racket

    A recent South Korean documentary which followed the Tianjin First Central Hospital, a popular destination for Korean transplant patients, has uncovered some truly grisly findings. In the documentary, an undercover reporter poses as a prospective patient seeking transplantation and via use of a secret camera documents his interactions with hospital staff. The staff […]

Here’s Why Parents of Kids With Transplants Need To Watch Out For Kidney Disease

People who undergo organ transplants, such as heart and liver transplants, may unfortunately face some additional complications in the form of acute kidney injury. This risk is compounded in children and can lead to chronic kidney disease.  According to a study in the American Journal of Transplantation, which followed 303 children who received organ transplants (heart, lung, […]

Red Meat…Kidney Disease’s Worst Natural Enemy!

Red meat is a common food staple for many Americans with bacon, burgers and steak enjoying wide-spread popularity. The fact of the matter is, however, red meat has been shown to be one of the unhealthiest kinds of foods to eat if you have chronic kidney disease, as well as many other health conditions like […]

Can A Plant-Based Diet Help Kidney Disease Sufferers Live Longer? Some Experts Think So …

Some research shows people with chronic kidney disease (ckd) who regularly consumed fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals, legumes, and fiber lived longer than those who did not. A plant-based diet rich in vegetables, fruits, cereals, whole grains, legumes, fiber and low in salt, red meat, and refined sugars (aka. white sugar) may reduce the risk […]

Can Fiber Improve Kidney Function?

For most people with kidney disease, fiber doesn’t come to mind when thinking of improving their kidney health.  However, lots of research has been published showing how fiber, a natural substance in plants, can give the kidneys an extra boost and improve kidney function. Two studies published in the Kidney International Journal showed that a […]

Is Juicing Dangerous For Kidney Disease? Hi, this is Robert Galarowicz, founder of which is all about helping people treat their chronic kidney disease naturally. Today I wanted to talk about a fad that's enjoyed tremendous popularity over the past few years and how it effects people living with chronic kidney disease. In this video I discuss what juicing [...]

Sodium Bicarbonate For Kidney Disease – Myth or Medical Breakthrough?

Sodium bicarbonate’s effect on chronic kidney disease has been analyzed in recent years due to word of its benefits being propagated throughout many natural health and kidney health communities and publications. Although its benefits have been observed time and time again, as we’ll delve into a little further in the article, there are still some […]

What Are The Best Diets For 2018?

As 2017 becomes a not-so-distant memory, you may be setting your sights on what the horizon holds for you in terms of diets, and if you have kidney disease, this is doubly important as we know what goes into your body is of vital importance to how effectively each part can do its job, especially […]

Why More Nigerians Will Die Of Kidney Diseases In 2018

 36.8m Nigerians affected by disease –WHO New diagnosed cases of up to 17,000 Yellow yam, yellow cassava, some rice are not safe Reasons why the government has to regulate the consumables NASS erred by passing law creating ill-equipped Bio-safety Agency ‘The ‘F’ in NAFDAC not working’ Medical practitioners across the country have come out with […]

Blood Test Could Help Prevent Lupus Flare-Ups

There are millions of people afflicted with Lupus throughout the world, from celebrities to everyday people and they often find it difficult to struggle through their everyday routines when a severe flare-up is on the horizon. Information intended to prepare and prevent these flare-ups would of course be tremendously valuable and some new research has […]

It Goes Both Ways…Kidney Disease Can Also Lead To Diabetes, Study Shows

It is known that a person’s chances of having kidney disease are increased by diabetes. That said, new research by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has observed that while that statement is true, the inverse is as well. Kidney dysfunction, as it were, increases the chances of having diabetes. The research […]

Packaged Meats Pack An Added Punch Of Phosphate For Kidney Disease Sufferers

A Canadian study discovered that phosphate additives are common in packaged meat, poultry, and fish (MPF) products. It also noted that the phosphorus content for packages that list phosphate additives is significantly more than that of packages that don’t. Pauline B. Darling, PhD, RD, of the University of Ottawa, and her team consulted 67 patients […]

Dramatic Spike In Survival Rates For Kidney Disease Sufferers On Brink Of Kidney Failure

Highlights From 1995 -2013, a 12% – 27% decrease over 5-year periods was experienced in deaths related to Kidney failure in the United States. Over time, a reduction in excess mortality was observed for all ages and both during treatment with dialysis as well as during time with a transplant for functioning kidney. On average, […]

Kidney Disease Sufferers Can Lower Phosphates With Niacin

In a new study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology examined patients suffering from both chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease. In these patients, niacin therapy was observed to lower serum phosphate levels. This is good news for those concerned with keeping their phosphate levels in check. Phosphate is one of the […]

Many Seniors Unaware They Have Kidney Disease

According to research from UCL which was recently published in the NHS Digital Health Survey for England, over one-third of seniors aged 75 and older exhibit some sign of having severe kidney disease. Surprisingly, however, only 5% of those in that age bracket reported being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, indicating that there is a […]

How Global Warming Might Be Putting Us at Risk of Kidney Disease

A team of South Australian researchers believes that the increased rate of renal disease might be linked with hotter temperatures. Spending a hot summer afternoon at the beach is amazing however; we have to consider the possibility that the weather there is doing more than just making you sweat. It has been proven that humans […]

Emergency Room Visits Say, “Intense Exercise Damages The Kidneys!”

BLOOMINGTON —Barbara’s extreme efforts to intensify her exercise routine nearly ruined her life. Barbara was diagnosed with a rare, yet increasingly common form of disease that exposes a person to liver and kidney failure on Nov. 2 and this was shortly after she intensified her cardio and weight lifting workouts to a point that was strange […]

5 Unlikely Things That Can Give You Kidney Stones

It is easy to underestimate the discomfort kidney stones can cause because of their small size. Don’t! The traditional treatment for kidney stones involves drinking plenty of water, but drinking buckets of water won’t do much. If you have ever experienced kidney stone once, chances are you will experience it time and again. A study […]

DaVita Pharmacy Unit Settles U.S. Billing Probe For $63.7 Million

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) said that a pharmacy service unit of DaVita Inc. will have to resolve allegations that it billed the federal healthcare programs for medication improperly and paid illegal financial inducements to patients with a sum of $63.7 million. On Thursday, it was announced that the settlement will bring about an […]

9 Super Friendly Kidney Foods For Kidney Disease!!!

It is impossible to lead a healthy life without balanced diets. This is something that is known by almost everyone and from a very tender age as well, yet it is often ignored. People now find it more rewarding to care for the outer body than the inner body. The kidney for instance, is an […]

All You Need to Know About Kidney Stones

Kidney stones affect every 1 in 12 adults in the U.S. and can cause excruciating pain on a daily basis. So many people suffer from kidney stones, but what exactly are they? And, can they be a sign of kidney disease?  What Are Kidney Stones? Kidney stones are solid, crystalline deposits that can form in […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Kidney Disease Could Be Linked

A new Japanese study has identified a potential connection between rheumatoid arthritis and kidney dysfunction. The researchers used absolute estimated eGFR levels to determine that a significant 33.8% of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers also exhibited some form of kidney disease or impaired kidney function. This statistic was most widely observed in older female patients who also […]

Metformin For Diabetes Could Also Help Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Metformin, as opposed to sulfonylurea could be the best way to treat your type-2 diabetes if you have chronic kidney disease, a new study revealed. This news is of particular importance to patients with reduced eGFR numbers, as the study showed they experienced the most risk reduction from the change in treatment option. The University […]

Pollution Crisis To Blame For Kidney Disease Outbreak In Jalisco Children

  A health crisis in Agua Caliente, Lake Chapala in Ciudad Jalisco, Mexico is hitting its youngest citizens the hardest. The University of Guadalajara has launched an investigation into the epidemic numbers of chronic kidney disease cases in the area, the majority of which are children. According to their findings, an extensive amount of pollution […]

New Advancement Could Stop Kidney Disease In Its Tracks

Kidney disease is very often a race against the clock. The very nature of the disease necessitates a proactive approach if treatment is to be successful, meaning that the sooner it’s caught, the more options toward kidney maintenance become available. A new study led by researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Brigham […]

EPA’s Chemical Safety Nominee Would Jeopardize Land, Lives & Kidney Health

The health of your kidneys is intrinsically linked to the safety of your environment and this is a connection which is undeniable. Now, with environmental concerns becoming of greater importance than they ever have before, it’s essential that every measure be taken to ensure maximum efforts are being made to safeguard this planet and the […]

Kidney Stones In Pregnant Women May Be Connected To These Two Silent Killers!

According to study results which were recently presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week, women who develop kidney stones have a higher likelihood of developing certain serious chronic diseases during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension. Test subjects were comprised of a group of pregnant women whose outcomes with stones were […]

Eating THIS Fruit Could Kill You If You Have Kidney Disease

The carambola, commonly known as the ‘star fruit,’ is a fruit native to Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Although it’s more widely consumed in areas like the South Pacific and parts of South and East Asia, it enjoys popularity in North America as well. Although this fruit may seem harmless, it […]

Intensive Glycemic Control Might Save Your Kidneys

A new study published in Diabetologia has shown that intensive glycemic control can provide a 34% greater chance of keeping eGFR balanced in kidney disease patients, which could also help improve their prognoses. The participants in the study were assigned either standard glucose control or intensive over a period of 5.6 years. Those who received […]

Why Bone Health Could Be Compromised In People With Kidney Disease

Kidney disease can wreak havoc on your body, diminishing its ability to remove waste, manage blood pressure, control fluids, etc. But some new research published in the lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, has found yet another terrible component of kidney disease…its effect on bone health. The kidneys’ diminished ability to manage calcium, phosphate and magnesium levels […]

Kidney Innovation Accelerator Promises Advancements in Kidney Disease Treatment

An estimated one in nine Americans suffers some type of kidney disease, largely due to factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes which stem from poor diet, and all too often once it’s caught, it’s far too late. Additionally, in certain populations, such as the African-American and Native-American communities, these statistics are even more […]

This Sweeping Change Could Mean Danger For Millions Of Kidney Disease Patients

China is a nation which has long employed the use of traditional medicines to treat a variety of ailments. Their widespread use is favored by many who view them as more financially reasonable and effective than conventional Western prescription medicines. A sweeping policy change from the China Food and Drug Administration may make their accessibility […]

If You’re African American With Kidney Disease, Avoid This Blood Pressure Medication You May Be On

The beta-blocker metoprolol significantly increased uric acid levels and risk of gout in African Americans with chronic kidney disease. However, the study did show that other medications for hypertension such as angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, Ramipril and the calcium channel blocker, Amlodipine didn’t raise uric acid levels in African Americans. The is important news for anyone of […]

Do You Know Your Uric Acid Levels? It’s Crucial If You Have Kidney Disease!

More and more research over the years has shown that elevated uric acid levels can increase the rate of losing kidney function and send you to dialysis sooner. According to a new study published online November 29, 2017, in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Hyperuricemia, high uric acid, is associated with an increased risk of […]

This Vitamin Revitalizes Kidney Function

Vitamins are a vital part of ensuring good health, but there are literally tons of vitamins out there, so what’s the best way to cut through the fluff and focus on the essentials for kidney disease? A good guideline is finding vitamins that have positive effects on levels that are often imbalanced in kidney disease […]

3 Of The Must-Eat Foods For Kidney Disease!

High-fiber diets are extremely beneficial for a number of health conditions, and it should come as no surprise that chronic kidney disease is likewise one of those conditions. Fiber can also lower cholesterol levels, which are often elevated in chronic kidney disease patients and can help to alleviate digestive concerns. Many recent studies have also […]

3 Excellent Supplements For Kidney Disease!

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common in people who struggle with chronic kidney disease. This can put even greater strain on an immune system that is already dealing with its fair share of difficulty. Nutritional supplementation for kidney disease sufferers is less of a recommendation and more of a necessity, especially for those going through […]

Cooking Methods To Lower Phosphorus For Kidney Disease

High phosphorus levels are a constant struggle for those living with chronic kidney disease, especially those who undergo dialysis. Elevated levels have been connected with higher mortality rates, so keeping phosphorus levels at a healthy range is a vital part of maintaining one’s health and kidney function. If elevated phosphorus levels are a notable problem […]

How Weight Loss Can Impact Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease strikes people of all different ages, shapes and sizes. That being said, there are certain factors to consider regarding weight and its connection to kidney disease. As with numerous other health conditions, being excessively overweight or obese can greatly increase your risk of developing potentially life-threatening symptoms, so it’s definitely in your […]

Energy Drinks Could Be Poisoning Your Kidneys!

Energy drinks have been a popular fad for the past decade. They provide a concentrated boost of energy in the form of a caffeine and sugar rush. Though these drinks may have their use for some, they are not as harmless as habitual consumers may believe. Risks that could, over time, become life-threateningly serious. Kidney […]

Blood Pressure Meds May Do More Harm Than Good If You Have Kidney Disease

High blood pressure and chronic kidney disease may very well go hand in hand in a vast number of CKD patients, but what’s a safe way to go about treating one ailment without aggravating the other? As we’ve stated before in a previous article, high blood pressure monitoring can be of extreme benefit to cases […]

Holiday Meals Are Murder On Your Kidneys…Here’s Why!

The holiday season is upon us and, as such, many people are getting ready to consume far more food than is actually necessary. This is typically a bad thing, for a variety of reasons, but when you’re also suffering from kidney disease the negative impact of holiday overeating is felt ten-fold. As tempted as you […]

Using More Of This Natural Substance Could Immensely Benefit Kidney Disease

  Some good news for kidney disease sufferers with persistently high triglyceride levels has recently come to light in the form of a new pharmaceutical which seems to have been beneficial in clinical trials.  Triglycerides store fat in your body and help to convert it into energy. High triglycerides, however, can be dangerous, especially for […]

Is Marijuana Good or Bad For The Kidneys?

Marijuana use is a contentious issue in today’s society. Many in the US are pro-legalization, others not so much. In this article, we’ll neither be condoning nor condemning its use, but answering instead, what marijuana could do to your kidneys. Now that marijuana use is such a prevalent topic in the public discourse, it’s integral […]

Hey, Pennsylvanians You Need To Eat Better or You Might Get Diabetic Kidney Disease!

Since 2000 there has been a 38% increase in diabetes related hospitalizations for residents under 45. This is alarming news and especially for the younger population of people. Diabetes not controlled can lead to many problems including kidney disease. In fact about half of all kidney failures are related to uncontrolled diabetes. This analysis called […]

Why Is Kidney Disease Striking Native Americans in Record Numbers?

   Kidney disease prevalence among Native Americans living in the Arizona region have been on the rise for the past several years with parents losing entire groups of children to a form of the disorder the citizens refer to as ‘Navajo neuropathy.’   Navajo nation, in northeastern Arizona was the site of extensive mining activity […]

Man’s Protein Binge Destroys His Kidneys

Are you a fan of All-You-Can-Eat buffets? Or fast food limited time promotions? If you have kidney disease or are prone to developing it, you may want to put down that bottomless bucket of fried chicken. Even ‘once in a blue moon’ could spell disaster for your kidney health. This astute observation comes to us […]

Preventing Pollution’s Effect On Your Kidneys

  Does pollution affect kidney disease? As another of our articles has already stated, the simple answer is ‘yes.’ Adding to that growing body of evidence are some recent stats from Taiwan. According to Kaohsiung Medical University’s Research Center for Environmental Medicine, a connection is likely between local Kaohsiung residents experiencing a greater incidence of […]

Humidity Could Be To Blame For Your Kidney Stones

  Kidney stones, clumps made up of solid material that develop in the kidney and cause blockages, usually comprised of calcium and uric acid can be very painful. Over time, they can result in kidney disease for some, especially those with pre-existing risk factors for both kidney disease and kidney stones, like diabetes. But what […]

Junking Junk Food For Healthy Kidneys

Junk food has been beloved by busy business professionals and on-the-go types since its commercialization and widespread availability became commonplace. It’s convenient, quick, affordable for most budgets and of course it has all the essential food groups (fat, carbs, sugar, salt) in one easy-to-devour meal. Although indulging oneself every now and again isn’t so bad, […]

If You Have Lupus Nephritis, Here’s Why You Must Take Fish Oil & Vitamin D!

Lupus sufferers often face chronic flare-ups of their symptoms and these can be significantly disruptive to a person’s day-to-day schedule. Fortunately, some new research presented at  the American College of Rheumatology in San Diego has unveiled that those consuming higher amounts of vitamin D and omega-3 fats in their diets have significantly lighter flare-ups and […]

University of California Says Long Term High Protein Diets Can Hurt Your Kidneys!

A new study led by nephrologist Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, MD, MPH, PhD, of the University of California research says high protein diets may lead to kidney damage among those with CKD (chronic kidney disease.) This research was published in the November 2017 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. The study concluded that the high […]

This Food Could Help Improve Your Kidney Disease

Lupus, the auto-immune disorder which is connected to higher risk of kidney disease may be benefitted by a mainstay food many of us have in our fridges already…yogurt! This new insight comes to us via research carried out at Virginia Tech’s Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. The study built upon past work which examined a […]

Exercising Could Help Save Your Kidneys…Here’s How!

Some great news for kidney disease sufferers with diabetes. A new study has identified yet another benefit of moderate exercise and it is directly linked to helping those with diabetes and chronic kidney disease feel healthier. According to the Finnish Diabetic Nephropathy Study, mortality rates for those with chronic kidney disease and type 1 diabetes […]

African Americans With Kidney Disease Must Keep These Levels In Check

African Americans with kidney disease seem to be more at risk of developing rapid kidney function decline because of a specific substance, as highlighted in Jackson State University’s Jackson Heart Study. Uric acid levels seemed to be higher than average in African American kidney disease sufferers and these higher levels can lead to an elevated […]

Stop Childhood Kidney Disease In Its Tracks With This Small Step

 Chronic kidney disease is a difficult burden to bear, but in children, this burden becomes even more tragic and troublesome. So what can parents do if their pediatricians have warned them their kids are at risk of developing kidney disease? Well, one small but effective step backed up by a recent study involved monitoring your […]

Anemia’s Deathly Effect On Kidneys And What You Can Do To Stop It

Anemia could enhance your risk of end-stage renal disease according to a new study presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week 2017 meeting. The study’s findings indicated those chronic kidney disease patients with anemia had a 31% higher risk of having their kidney disease progress to end-stage than their non-anemic counterparts in the […]

How Blood Pressure Control Could Stop Kidney Disease From Killing You

Controlling your blood pressure could help you in more ways than one. A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine showed that those chronic kidney disease patients who took greater care to watch their blood pressure levels experienced a 14% lower mortality rate. What this means is that taking natural steps to curtail your blood […]

Sleepless Nights Could Lead To Kidney Disease

Sleep has already been proven to help improve people’s waking health in a variety of different ways. It helps to repair cellular damage, regulate brain chemicals and even reduce inflammation. So when the opposite happens on a periodic basis and a person is suffering from insomnia, or lack of sleep, the detriments can be varied […]

Most Doctors Don’t Test For This But It’s Crucial If You Have Kidney Disease!

If you have any form of kidney disease you must have your Uric Acid levels tested. What is Uric Acid? Uric acid is produced from the breakdown of your body’s cells and from the foods you eat. Most of the uric acid in your body is filtered out by the kidneys and excreted through your […]

 Is The Air You’re Breathing Causing Your Kidney Disease and What You Can Do?

At the 2017 Kidney Week a study was presented estimating that air pollution was attributed to more than 10.7 million cases per year of chronic kidney disease globally. This is a significant amount of chronic kidney disease that is related to air pollution. Researcher Benjamin Bowe, MPH, of the Clinical Epidemiology Center at the VA […]

How Protein Can Worsen Your Kidney Disease

Protein and your kidneys, are they natural enemies? Some leading experts seem to think so as a recent article published in New England Journal of Medicine reports. As we all know, kidneys are charged with filtering waste products from the blood, by way of urination. When they are hampered in doing so, kidney disease can […]

Why Nutrition & Monitoring Could Make Or Break Your Kidneys

The nutritional tips that could save your kidneys have been all but proven by researchers who’ve published their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dietary range monitoring seems to be the most important aspect of managing kidney disease through diet, keeping uremia well-managed along with regulating electrolyte and acid-base levels. Water and salt […]

Why This Part Of The US Is Plagued By Chronic Kidney Disease

Alabama, specifically northern Alabama, has been an area of America plagued by epidemic numbers of kidney disease and for years the reason has baffled local citizens. A new research study will seek to uncover the reasons behind the chronic waves of kidney disease sufferers which seem to be concentrated in the area. Unsurprisingly, environmental pollutants […]

Surprising Connection Between Coffee & Your Kidneys!

Caffeine and kidney disease have long shared an unclear relationship. As caffeinated beverages can often be dehydrating and/or laden with added artificial sweeteners, they are typically avoided by those seeking to maintain a kidney-healthy diet. A new study, however, may have something different to say about that. The National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey was […]

Nick Cannon Among Many Affected By This Kidney-Killer!

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disorder which strikes thousands of people each year. It’s marked by inflammation throughout the body and some of the organs that can be most adversely effected are the kidneys. This happens when the small blood vessels responsible for filtering waste from the kidney, along with other tissues become inflamed and […]

Why Science Says Spice Beats Salt & What It Means For Your Kidneys!

Unwitting salt addicts rejoice! A new study from China’s Daping Hospital’s Center for Hypertension & Metabolic Diseases at Third Military Medical University in Chongqing has shed some new light on the benefits of consuming spicy foods. The study may prove particularly important to those living with Chronic Kidney Disease due to their need to limit […]

Worst Drugs For Diabetics & Kidney Disease? This One Tops The List!

People living with diabetes already have enough on their plate. Every decision non-diabetics take for granted has to be very mindfully considered, especially when it comes to things that go into the body. Diabetes and kidney decline are often interconnected and this could compound an already difficult condition and make things far worse. So, it’s […]

Avoid Diabetic Kidney Disease With This Mystery Vitamin!

Childhood diabetes numbers are on the rise. Much of this can be attributed to generally unhealthier diets abounding with excess fat and sodium, and while that’s bad enough, what’s even worse is the absence of vitamins and nutrients essential to maintaining good health. Every time you eat something unhealthy, you’re depriving your body of a […]

Celebs With Kidney Disease & Why They Matter!

Popular singer, Selena Gomez recently joined the list of famous kidney transplant recipients. A list featuring several prominent celebrities such as George Lopez, Natalie Cole and Tracy Morgan, whose kidney transplant journeys many people remain unaware of. Kidney disease or transplantation isn’t ‘glamorous’ and many stars shy away from disclosing their journey, but it’s vital […]

Smaller Kidneys Could Face Far Bigger Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease

Which country has one of the world’s highest rates of chronic kidney disease? The answer may surprise you. A recent study published in the October 5th edition of the Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight explored why Japan is unfortunately saddled with such a significant amount of new kidney disease cases each year. An estimated 13 […]