#1 Way To Slow Down Kidney Decline | Check This For Kidney Function

The #1 way to slow down or possibly reverse chronic kidney decline is by reviewing your acid buildup and knowing how to properly correct it. Bloodwork needs to be done first for everything else to follow. Robert mentions not use pH strips to check your acid/alkaline balance because the numbers do not correlate to what is needed. Once your bloodwork is done, he encourages that you look for a value under CO2 or carbon dioxide, because it is the most accurate measurement of your acid and alkaline balance. The number that is needed in those measurements is 24 or greater, and if you’re not at 24 it indicates that you have some degree of acid buildup. Especially around numbers of 16-19, those numbers are identified as detrimental to your kidney health.

Most doctors will not check for those numbers let alone the CO2 levels. Robert reminds us that these doctors will not look out for you in the long term so it is crucial that you find your acid level yourself. Knowing where you’re at with your levels, you can adjust things in your life to fix it. If you have acid buildup, he recommends the intake of fruits and vegetables and to start using alkali supplements. He also mentions decreasing using animal products and actually use alkali supplements, like sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate has been used greatly to reduce acid buildup, the basic sodium bicarbonate is recommended preferably in pill form. You can buy them online and are usually available. One of the issues with sodium bicarbonate is that it affects stomach acid so it’s better to eat them between meals. Or using delayed-release capsules to avoid the bad reactions one may get. Minimizing the negative reactions would be the best for your overall kidney health. Most people do not know to check for acid buildup and the importance of keeping it in check. 

Make sure to check back to our last video about the five other scientific ways that also help with slowing down kidney issues. In this video, Robert reviews a piece of research conducted by the American Journal of Kidney Diseases where they discuss effective measures and specific therapies to slow down kidney disease. Maintaining body weight, reducing albuminuria levels, limiting high-salt foods, avoiding NSAIDs, are among some measures that can help slow down kidney decline. 

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