Worst Drugs For Diabetics & Kidney Disease? This One Tops The List!

People living with diabetes already have enough on their plate. Every decision non-diabetics take for granted has to be very mindfully considered, especially when it comes to things that go into the body. Diabetes and kidney decline are often interconnected and this could compound an already difficult condition and make things far worse. So, it’s vital that kidney function is preserved and maintained for as long as possible. However, diabetics and non-diabetics alike are people first and, as such, will often develop other unrelated condition for which they will seek medical treatment.

Digestive troubles such as peptic ulcers, acid reflux and GERD are often treated by a class of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors. Unfortunately, for type-2 diabetics with digestive issues, these may not be the best option. Although proton pump inhibitors can be useful in alleviating digestive problems, they also carry with them a vast number of dangerous side-effects which may result in issues that far outweigh their intended benefits.

A study recently published in Endocrinology Today determined that both kidney decline and cardiovascular disease rates were exacerbated by the use of proton pump inhibitors in those with type-2 diabetes. Unfortunately, this seems to be only the latest in a long chain of exposed health risks associated with proton pump inhibitors. Prior research has linked them with magnesium and B12 deficiencies, heart attacks and even dementia. Unsurprisingly, there are also over 170 related lawsuits pending in the U.S. court system alone, with many of the cases alleging manufacturer omission of the most dangerous side effects.

If you are a diabetic person with digestive issues, there are fortunately a lot of natural remedies out there that may help. Changes in diet and a good-quality digestive enzyme have enjoyed tremendous success with diabetics looking to simultaneously manage gastro-related issues without upsetting their diabetes.  

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