Why Nutrition & Monitoring Could Make Or Break Your Kidneys

The nutritional tips that could save your kidneys have been all but proven by researchers who’ve published their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dietary range monitoring seems to be the most important aspect of managing kidney disease through diet, keeping uremia well-managed along with regulating electrolyte and acid-base levels. Water and salt retention are another huge problem plaguing kidney disease patients and one which the right dietary interventions can help.

Some of the best things you can do to keep your levels balanced include periodic level checks to ensure you’re in the appropriate range. As far as nutritional interventions, keeping your salt intake down along with your protein and potassium content can go a long way in helping to avoid dialysis. It’s important to drink lots of water, and maintain a healthful diet, vegetarian is best. The study also did mention that excessive food-bans in diets may be counter-productive and should be avoided.

By keeping an eye on your levels and eating healthily, along with taking the appropriate supplements, your kidneys can function better and have an easier time of filtering the wastes from your body leading to balanced GFR, creatinine and other levels.