How Protein Can Worsen Your Kidney Disease

Protein and your kidneys, are they natural enemies? Some leading experts seem to think so as a recent article published in New England Journal of Medicine reports. As we all know, kidneys are charged with filtering waste products from the blood, by way of urination. When they are hampered in doing so, kidney disease can strike.

The point of contention about protein seems to stem from its effect on the blood. As the study indicated, greater incidences of protein in a person’s diet, such as red meat for example, led to a higher incidence of kidney disease and researchers surmised this was because protein increases the rate at which blood is filtered by the kidneys. Over time, this increased rate puts an added strain on the kidneys and they become less efficient leading to weaker filtration and further toxin build-up.

As high-protein diets are still enjoying relative popularity for those struggling with weight loss, it’s important that if you have kidney disease, whatever the stage, or are diabetic and vulnerable to developing it, you should try to curtail these high-protein fads. They could end up doing more damage than good, and a diet low in protein may be able to protect your kidneys if you’re still at an early enough stage. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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