Sleepless Nights Could Lead To Kidney Disease

Sleep has already been proven to help improve people’s waking health in a variety of different ways. It helps to repair cellular damage, regulate brain chemicals and even reduce inflammation. So when the opposite happens on a periodic basis and a person is suffering from insomnia, or lack of sleep, the detriments can be varied and eventually rather severe.

A recent study by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN has managed to discover one such detriment directly caused by insomnia…kidney disease. Researchers studied a group of 957,587 and of these, 41,928 had chronic insomnia.

By following the groups of insomniacs vs. non-insomniacs, the team observed certain identifiable correlations between chronic insomnia and a higher rate of chronic kidney disease.

Bearing this in mind, it becomes twice as important to get at least 8 hours of quality sleep every night if you have chronic kidney disease or are at-risk of developing CKD due to factors such as heredity or diabetes. Sleeping may be something many people in today’s hectic world gloss over, but a little sleep can go a long way toward preserving your health.

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