This Food Could Help Improve Your Kidney Function

Lupus, the auto-immune disorder which is connected to a higher risk of affecting the kidney health may be benefitted by a mainstay food many of us have in our fridges already…yogurt! This new insight comes to us via research carried out at Virginia Tech’s Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. The study built upon past work which examined a correlation between lupus symptom intensity and lactobacillus (the bacteria found in yogurt) levels.

In their study, conducted upon mice, researchers found that mice with lupus had decreased levels of lactobacillus and hypothesized that adding some would work to correct the disparity. The probiotic worked by patching up the leaky gut, which is a symptom of lupus nephritis (the form of lupus which aggressively targets kidney function).

Unfortunately, higher testosterone levels seemed to negate any benefits the probiotics were able to provide in the male mice. Lupus, however, tends to affect many more women than men, so this research is still very promising news for female lupus patients. While not certain the effect in humans would be the same, scientists believe it’s likely.

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