Preventing Pollution’s Effect On Your Kidneys


Does pollution affect kidney disease? As another of our articles has already stated, the simple answer is ‘yes.’ Adding to that growing body of evidence are some recent stats from Taiwan. According to Kaohsiung Medical University’s Research Center for Environmental Medicine, a connection is likely between local Kaohsiung residents experiencing a greater incidence of excess protein in the urine and decreased GFR and their close proximity to a Formosa Plastics Corp facility in Kaohsiung’s Renwu District. This factory has generated lots of pollution with hydrocarbons and chlorine being found throughout the local groundwater supply.

Ongoing exposure to pollution is proven to increase the factors that influence kidney disease and many cases can be directly traced back to some form of pollutant being a chronic factor in the affected’s life. Although, it’s sadly unlikely that many large corporations and factories will be switching to environmentally friendlier methods of production anytime soon, there are things you can do if you live in a particularly polluted area that can help you defend yourself against these hostile conditions.

Filter AND Boil Your Water
Although boiling water will not remove things like lead and nitrates, filtering it can prevent these dangerous substances from finding their way into your water supply. Be sure to do this, especially if you drink tapwater.

Run Cold Water For A Few Minutes 
Running your tapwater on cold and for a few minutes before using it in cooking helps to reduce lead content. Boiling and filtering afterwards ensures the most pristine result.

Use An Air Purifier
Using a HEPA air purifier can keep particle levels low in your home and ensure the air around you is as clean as possible. 

Watch Your Windows!
If you do live in an area prone to pollution, be sure to close your home’s windows, especially on windy days or whenever the wind patterns blow in from pollution sources.

Have Your Water Tested
You can opt to have your water tested for dangerous substances by ordering a water test kit. These are readily available online for an affordable price and some states even give them out upon request

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