Is Marijuana Good or Bad For The Kidneys?

Marijuana use is a contentious issue in today’s society. Many in the US are pro-legalization, others not so much. In this article, we’ll neither be condoning nor condemning its use, but answering instead, what marijuana could do to your kidneys. Now that marijuana use is such a prevalent topic in the public discourse, it’s integral that researchers conduct studies on its use and how it relates to public health. 

According to a 2013 study reported in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, synthetic drugs are especially bad for kidney health. These include certain strains of synthetic marijuana. The study examined the rates at which nephrotoxicity affected subjects who had consumed synthetic marijuana. Acute kidney injury was found in three of the four men. Synthetic marijuana is a popular option for many due to its cheap price, but it is markedly unsafe and should be avoided at all costs.

Natural marijuana, which is often used for medical purposes, has conversely been observed to be relatively safe for the kidneys. Although the research is still in a preliminary stage, initial findings have indicated no association with kidney damage or an increase in the symptoms typical of the disease. So, if you are going to utilize marijuana, please be sure to make smarter, safer choices in your selection process. The right choice could spare your kidneys a lot of grief.

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