Using More Of This Natural Substance Could Immensely Benefit Kidney Issues


Some good news for people with kidney issues with persistently high triglyceride levels has recently come to light in the form of a new pharmaceutical which seems to have been beneficial in clinical trials.  Triglycerides store fat in your body and help to convert it into energy. High triglycerides, however, can be dangerous, especially for those with kidney complications. Their presence can lead to a health issue known as ‘metabolic syndrome,’ which is a maelstrom of unhealthy conditions, chiefly high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, excess waist fat, low levels of good cholesterol, and all of the complications that go along with them.

Typically, statin therapy is used to treat high triglycerides, but individuals with kidney issues with this problem seem resistant to statin therapy and many develop cardiovascular conditions in spite of undergoing treatment. Vascepa®, a new drug developed by biopharmaceutical company Amarin is a prescription form of icosapent ethyl, or, omega-3 fatty acids.

As we’ve previously reported, omega-3s are your body’s best friend, but especially when you are struggling with any form of chronic illness. The fact that it’s now being marketed to the public only speaks to its potency in lowering triglycerides and keeping all your levels balanced. Some  natural sources of omega-3s include:


*Chia Seeds
*Brussel Sprouts
*Winter Squash

Obviously, if you have kidney problems you’ll want to also monitor your protein content and try to get your omega-3s from more of the vegetable sources primarily. 

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