Energy Drinks Could Be Poisoning Your Kidneys!

Energy drinks have been a popular fad for the past decade. They provide a concentrated boost of energy in the form of a caffeine and sugar rush. Though these drinks may have their use for some, they are not as harmless as habitual consumers may believe. Risks that could, over time, become life-threateningly serious. Kidney disease, for one, but also mental health problems, obesity and increased blood pressure. Most commercially-available energy drinks contain up to 8 times the amount of caffeine contained in a regular cup of coffee. Additionally, these beverages contain the typical boatload amount of sugar contained in sodas. Together, these may offer a momentary ‘second wind,’ but the risk of chronic overconsumption of both sugar and caffeine, which is compounded, when these drinks are combined with alcohol as they often are, provides a fast track toward dangerous health territory. 

All of these excessive amounts can build up over time and put an additional strain on the kidneys, who are continuously trying to eliminate excess waste from the body. If your kidneys are already somehow impaired, you should definitely avoid energy drinks. If you don’t have kidney disease, you should still consume them very VERY sparingly. Sometimes the constant demands of hectic work schedules  may seem to necessitate pulling all-nighters, but it’s important to keep in mind that safeguarding your health is much more important than any deadline. When your body craves sleep, provide it. Don’t stay up beyond your threshold and be sure to always be mindful of what goes into your body. It’s the only one you get!

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