Do You Know Your Uric Acid Levels? It’s Crucial If You Have Kidney Disease!

More and more research over the years has shown that elevated uric acid levels can increase the rate of losing kidney function and send you to dialysis sooner.

According to a new study published online November 29, 2017, in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Hyperuricemia, high uric acid, is associated with an increased risk of kidney failure and death in patients with chronic kidney disease.

This study contributes to the other research showing that high uric acid levels and worsening of kidney disease are connected.

Here Is What You Need To Do …

  • Ask your doctor if he checked your uric acid levels. Don’t assume he did it, as most don’t.
  • If elevated, or close to being elevated, the medication most are recommending is Uloric. A safe uric acid lowering medication in chronic kidney disease.
  • Avoid any organ meats which are high in purines that can cause an increase in uric acid levels.


Read more about other studies and research on high uric acid levels. And make sure you have it tested …