Intensive Glycemic Control Might Save Your Kidneys

A new study published in Diabetologia has shown that intensive glycemic control can provide a 34% greater chance of keeping eGFR balanced in kidney disease patients, which could also help improve their prognoses. The participants in the study were assigned either standard glucose control or intensive over a period of 5.6 years.

Those who received intensive glycemic control were able to maintain an eGFR of >60 mL min-1 1.73 m-2 while the control group did not.  These findings emphasize the benefits of keeping a watchful eye on diabetes, especially when it comes to preserving as much kidney function as possible. Helping to regulate eGFR could keep kidney disease in a more manageable stage for far longer and lead to better overall health.

Some of the best steps you can take to manage your glycemic index include diet and exercise along with consistently tracking your levels. By keeping a firm grasp on your diabetes, you can keep your kidney functioning as well as possible for as long as possible.