Here’s Why Parents of Kids With Transplants Need To Watch Out For Kidney Disease

People who undergo organ transplants, such as heart and liver transplants, may unfortunately face some additional complications in the form of acute kidney injury. This risk is compounded in children and can lead to chronic kidney disease. 

According to a study in the American Journal of Transplantation, which followed 303 children who received organ transplants (heart, lung, liver or multi-organ), excluding kidney transplants, and found that acute kidney injury occurred in 67% of the children within the first week of their transplant procedures, with acute kidney injury occurring after the first week of surgery in 36% of the children followed.  

The highest risk was faced by children who’d gotten lung or multi-organ transplants. End-stage renal disease developed in less than five of the children, but their risk for developing chronic kidney disease was significantly higher after experiencing an acute kidney injury. The study urged close monitoring of kidney function in children who receive transplants so as to avoid the threat of chronic kidney disease, especially when an acute kidney injury has been observed. Doing so could spare your child from further medical complications such as the nightmare of childhood kidney disease