Got Kidney Disease? Choosing The “RIGHT” Nephrologist Could Make All The Difference
Hi, this is Robert Galarowicz, founder of which is all about helping people treat their chronic kidney disease naturally. Upon being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, you’ll undoubtedly be swept up in a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts.

This is further complicated by the daunting prospect of selecting a doctor specializing in kidney disease treatment, otherwise known as a Nephrologist. Choosing the right Nephrologist is probably one of the first choices you’ll make in pursuing treatment for your kidney disease, so it’s a very important choice. We give so much thought to professionals providing services that are far less important, such as who cuts our hair or who mows our lawns, so determining who is going to treat your kidney disease should be considered much more carefully and thoroughly.

What should you look for in a prospective Nephrologist? Primarily, you need to find someone who has a positive attitude and who will uplift you, someone who believes in your capacity to get well. This person will ideally just “click” with you and you’ll feel you’re in good hands and that the two of you share a rapport. You’ll also definitely want someone who is aggressive at treating kidney disease and who is aware of all the latest studies and new methods. You want someone to give as much of their time and effort to helping you safeguard your kidneys.

You’re also going to want someone who already knows which tests you need and will continue monitoring you with the tests that track how well specific levels are doing and how much your kidney function has improved. Lastly, someone compassionate who actually cares about your case and who can empathize with your own personal fears and concerns about kidney disease. This is not only a professional who’s giving you medical care, they’re also helping you navigate every aspect of chronic kidney disease, emotional, physical and mental and they should show the level of care needed to address each one.

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