An Interesting Way To Naturally Pass A Kidney Stone


Kidney stones plague millions of people worldwide annually and though there are several natural treatments available to help with the painful process of passing them, no method is quite as unorthodox as the roller coaster. 

It may seem strange, but a professor of Osteopathy, David Wartinger has been researching the numerous claims from roller coaster riders who happened to have kidney stones as well. He estimated an approximately 64% success rate for kidney stone sufferers looking to rid themselves of this burden by using roller coaster rides.  This number jumped to 70% for riders who sat in the back seats. The mechanism by which the roller coaster seems to aid in passing kidney stones revolves around the sudden twists and turns together with the high velocity of motion commonly observed in many roller coaster rides at amusement parks. 

The research conducted by Prof. Wartinger involved the use of an artificial kidney complete with stones, so although the findings are promising for those seeking a non-invasive approach to ridding themselves of chronic kidney stones, there really is no substitute for taking healthy tried-and-true measures to keep kidney stones at bay. This involves keeping yourself well-hydrated, avoiding extensive heat and/or humidity and, of course, using a wonderful kidney health supplement like Kidney Restore.

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