IV Vitamin C for Kidney Disease | Alternative Treatment


Hi, this is Robert Galarowicz, founder of HealthyKidneyInc.com which is all about helping people treat their chronic kidney disease naturally. In today’s video, I’ll be discussing a bit about the precautions you need to take if you have kidney disease and are thinking about doing IV vitamin c infusions or IV therapy in general.

IV vitamin c could be beneficial for some people, but for people with kidney disease, IV Vitamin C therapy may not be a safe option due to some recent research being done in the field. It’s important to keep your immune system as strong as possible which is often what Vitamin C IV therapies are used for, but with kidney disease it’s absolutely vital that you take care of yourself and find out as much information as you can about any procedure. IV Vitamin C infusions shouldn’t be considered at all without taking an enzyme test which checks for G6PD deficiency.

Ask your doctor or healthcare practitioner to test for this before considering any IV therapy as it may damage your kidneys even further if you aren’t careful.

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