Blood Acid Can Kill Your Kidneys Fast But This One Kidney Supplement Stops It Quick!

Article Summary:  In people dealing with kidney problems, buffering serum (blood) acid with bicarbonate has been shown to slow the progression of further kidney issues. GI friendly enteric-coated sodium bicarbonate is the preferred supplement for your kidneys. Enteric coating allows the bicarbonate to be released passed the stomach to avoid complications such as bloating, belching, or burping.  Without enteric coating sodium bicarbonate, it can disturb stomach acid leading to improper absorption of minerals and other side effects.

Learn More About Protecting Kidneys With Sodium Bicarbonate

In the United States of America alone, about 30 million people suffer from serious kidney issues per the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Kidney problems are divided into 5 stages, stage one being when you have mild dysfunction while stage 5 is the complete loss or near complete loss of kidney function. This is the stage when the kidneys are no longer working and would require that you go through constant kidney dialysis or transplant.

About Metabolic Acidosis or Elevated Serum Acid and Kidney Problems

Chronic metabolic acidosis is a health complication suffered by quite a significant number of people who develop kidney problems. Part of the daily function of our body is to produce acid and it is this acid (not stomach acid) that is expelled by the kidneys. If the kidney starts to malfunction, this serum or metabolic acid starts to build up and this can lead to quicker deterioration into serious kidney issues, bone diseases, muscle wasting, malnutrition, and inflammation. All common complications with kidney issues.

The kidney plays an important role in maintaining the serum acid balance. When the blood acid is high and the kidney is incapable of reducing the acid, metabolic acidosis is likely to occur. It has been proven that the the life of the kidneys can deteriorate further if metabolic acidosis is uncontrolled. Ability to control metabolic acidosis is one of the major factors that slows down the progression of serious kidney problems. In many cases when this is corrected the kidneys can improve function. At the very least your will slow down the progression of kidney problems.

Metabolic acidosis in kidney problems can be diagnosed with the regular blood test, which is part of the metabolic panel or the kidney function panel. There are several names for this test, including serum TCO2, Total CO2, carbon dioxide, CO2 or TCO2. All these tests are capable of measuring the level of bicarbonate in the serum. The optimal bicarbonate level ranges between 23-29 meq/L. any human with 22meq/L or less is considered to be suffering from metabolic acidosis that can be corrected. If kidney problem is present and your bicarbonate level is normal a small daily dose of sodium bicarbonate can reduce stress on the kidneys leading to better kidney health.

In simple terms you can slow down the loss of kidney problems and may even improve kidney function by correcting the elevated serum acid levels.

It has been proven that progression of kidney issues as well as the loss of kidney function can be delayed by correcting metabolic acidosis or elevated serum acid levels with sodium bicarbonate.

About 35-45% of all kidney problem sufferers who take in raw uncoated sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) cannot stand the therapeutic dose needed to attain their bicarbonate goal. Acid reflux, burping, belching, and bloating are the major reasons. Also, vitamins and mineral imbalances can develop and further problems if not enteric coated.

At this point I hope you can see how you need sodium bicarbonate enteric coated if you or a loved one have kidney issues. Visit Kidney Restore our flagship product to learn more about this super alkalizing kidney supplement and what it can do for you. Its also available on Amazon prime.

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