Dialysis Is Sometimes Necessary But The Companies That Provide It Aren’t Your Friends

Dialysis companies as a whole, but specifically, DaVita are guilty of a number of unjust acts against not only the community they are sworn to serve (kidney disease sufferers) but also their employees, who are chronically overworked, underpaid and harassed. DaVita, as it turns out, has been padding its own wallet by intentionally directing poor patients to use private insurers that paid 10 times more for dialysis treatments than Medicare or Medicaid (which the majority of dialysis recipients were on) would. Not surprisingly, DaVita raked it in, with a $4,000-per-dialysis payout from the private insurance companies rather than the $300 or less the government would pay for the same procedure. Instead of doing their utmost to benefit the patients and facilitate an easy, less burdensome process, they did everything in their power to screw over their patients in order to maximize their profit margin.

Have a look at just a FEW of the headlines levied against this giant in the field of dialysis, a life-sustaining practice they’ve commodified into a very lucrative, greedy and unethical industry.

  • DaVita steered poor dialysis patients to private insurers to pump up profits, lawsuit says
  • DaVita to pay $450 mln in Medicare fraud lawsuit over wasted drugs
  • DaVita to Pay $350 Million to Resolve Allegations of Illegal Kickbacks
  • Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against DaVita Inc. 
  • Davita Healthcare Partners Facing Seven Lawsuits Over Unpaid OT Claims
  • Investors Accuse Dialysis Provider DaVita of Ethics Breach

When did profit start to mean more than the patients? It’s a travesty and one that kidney disease sufferers, especially dialysis recipients should be aware of. For more news on Kidney Disease Injustices, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check out our Articles about Kidney Injustice. When it comes to your kidneys and your health, you MUST be your own fiercest advocate.