Why Lowering Uric Acid Is A Treatment That Can Save Your Kidneys!

PLOS published a a study in which it explained that drugs which lower uric acid enhanced renal functions and decreased the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases In adult patients with chronic renal disease.

Pegloticase, allopurinol and febuxostat are common uric acid lowering drugs available right now. Researchers and doctors performed a detailed and systemic review to determine and analyse the effects of these drugs on clinical outcome and prognosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD).They collected and searched several databases for randomized , prospective and controlled trials up to February of 2016 and analyzed the effects of these uric acid lowering drugs on renal and cardiovascular outcomes in patients suffering from CKD.

A detailed analysis of 16 trials were done , which include 69 cases of Cardiovascular events and 146 cases of renal failure.Primary results were renal failure events such as increase in serum creatinine , decrease in GFR and end stage renal failure during the follow up. Secondary results were changes in proteinuria and abuminuria , decrease in GFR and cardiovascular events such as angina , Myocardial Infarction , stroke , thrombosis, heart failure and other cardiovascular events

The researchers also found a remarkable decrease in risk of renal failure events (55%) and 44% decrease in risk of end-stage renal disease after giving uric-acid lowering drugs in patients with CKD. Moreover, a 66% relative risk reduction was seen for Cardiovascular events after using uric-acid reducing drugs in patients with CKD.

Statistically , there was significantly slower decrease in the GFR in patients who were treated with uric-acid lowering therapy as compared to other patients. Also , there was little change in proteinuria and albuminuria in patients who received uric-acid lowering therapy.

Conclusion :
Our researches and meta-analysis showed that uric-acid lowering drugs might improve kidney functions , including proteinuria , renal failure events and rate of change in GFR and also seems to decrease the risk of cardiovascular events in young patients with CKD.

Here’s one of our videos about why uric acid is such an important level to monitor in kidney disease.