Here Is How I Maintained My Kidney Disease Diet One Day!

Some days I get so busy I often don’t plan my food for the day.

I have to stick to my kidney disease diet, as best I can. I have seen how bad my kidney numbers get when I don’t follow my diet for a period of time.

GFR decreases, creatinine goes up, BUN elevates, CO2 (carbon dioxide) goes down, swelling in my legs occurs and whole list of problems, the longer I don’t stick to my renal diet.

I started the day with a good breakfast. I had to travel for work, so I was on the road for the day. Starving by 2pm. I found this as my only option where I was at.

I had 3.5 servings up to 8pm. I had 3 snacks of the popcorn that I spaced out over 6 hours.

I was home for dinner where I had a kidney friendly meal. This popcorn got me through the day and allowed me to stick to my kidney diet of low sodium, lower protein, and low phosphorus.

To your best kidney health and if you have some good options that get you through the day on a kidney friendly diet let us know …