The Challenge Of Staying On A Kidney Diet During A Family Visit!

Chicken Noodle Soup Without The Chicken

A good family always wants the best for you. Depending on your cultural background and geographic location, your family’s mindset around food could be something like the well-known adage, “You can’t get up until you finish your plate.” This, along with many other factors, make it a challenge to stay on a kidney diet when visiting family.

This past Sunday, I visited some family who have a tradition of serving homemade chicken soup. Usually, followed by a protein, potatoes and a vegetable.

Not everyone’s kidney diet is going to be the same. My diet is a lower protein and phosphorus and, for sure, low sodium. I try to stick to it as best I can, but sometimes you have to be flexible.

From the picture posted I took the wheat flour noodles and used just the chicken broth without the chicken.

From there, I had some potatoes with nothing added and asparagus that was steamed and available.

Some families put pressure on you to eat more and try everything. It’s not out of spite or trying to harm you. It’s just the way they show and express LOVE.

After the tenth time, I caved and took a small piece of fried chicken cutlet. It was either that or fried fish that was very thick. It was some kind of white fish, but not sure. In fact my family didn’t know, but that’s another story.

The chicken consisted of smaller pieces overall, allowing me to limit the protein, salt and fried oils that come along with it.

That’s how I made it through Sunday on a Kidney Diet.

With some degree of flexibility and being mindful of what you’re eating you can get through most circumstances okay.

To your best kidney health …


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