DAPUSH Youtuber On Dialysis Talks of His Experience With Healthy Kidney.com & Founder Robert Galarowicz ND

I did a kidney coaching session with a client named Martin. Also, known on YouTube and the internet as, “DAPUSH.”
What’s really remarkable about Martin to me, is that even through all of his struggles, he has managed to keep a positive attitude about life. It’s truly amazing to see how he maintains a positive attitude, no matter what.
I know when I was on dialysis and dealing with kidney failure, I found it very hard to stay positive or have a good attitude.
I offer a variety of holistic health services, many of which are holistic kidney consultations, but, I also offer hypnosis or hypnotherapy to help people make changes in their lifestyle easier, quicker and smoother.
We did our initial session for his kidney health and he returned with improved lab numbers and looking much better. He really is doing way, way better and I am so glad and happy for him.
He heard I did hypnosis and wanted to try it. So we did a session!
The video below is about his experience with hypnosis, at the 03:32 minute mark, we see Martin in a state of hypnosis, after which he discusses what it felt like and how his time perception changed. And at the 06:18 mark, I talk a bit about my services before Martin further discusses how it is to work with me on improving his kidney disease.
Take a moment to view his video down below and be sure to visit his social media, youtube channel and store.