Nexium Kidney Disease Lawsuit Accuses AstraZeneca of Providing Consumers with False, Misleading Safety Information

Summary: Medications are needed for kidney disease, but many are down right dangerous for the kidneys. Often times we discover that years later when the damage has been done to many people. It always comes down to two things. Either the companies didn’t know about it or they new, but estimated that profits will exceed any potential lawsuits. For more about medications and which can help and which can harm your kidneys visit our kidney disease and medications article section.   If you’re really looking to improve the health of your kidneys visit our shop page.

A fresh Nexium lawsuit has been filed by a woman from Georgia accusing AstraZeneca PLC of offering false and misleading information about the safety of their popular heart burn medication to consumers. This complaint, which was filed on February 1 in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey, noted that in 2003, Shirlene Bonner started taking Nexium and she kept using the proton pump inhibitor till 2015. She has since been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and she claims this diagnosis came about as a direct result of Nexium.

It has been observed in recent studies that a 20-50 percent higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease is associated with long term use of PPIs and the actual percentage is influenced by factors such as prevalent co-morbidities, clinical measurement, socioeconomic status, demographics and concomitant use of medications.

The lawsuit also pointed out that the use of PPIs for a period of time was shown to increase the risk of kidney disease by 10% as shown in a recent study. Bonner went on to state that AstraZeneca has refused to do anything despite receiving lots of reports and complaints of serious kidney complications such as chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, kidney failure and acute interstitial nephritis which all allegedly arose from the use of their product.

She also pointed out that she could have been able to prevent her current medical condition if only she and her doctors were given adequate safety warnings.

Proton Pump Inhibitor Litigation

Millions of people make use of proton pump inhibitors to control the symptoms of GERD and other peptic disorders. While it’s okay to take them for short periods of time, some studies have shown that patients actually take them for prolonged periods even longer than recommended.

Bonner’s case is only one of the 650 cases regarding proton pumps currently pending in the District of New Jersey where all associated federal lawsuits have been coordinated for pretrial proceedings. Apart from Nexium, some other medications involved in the litigation are Protonix, Dexilant and PrevAcid as well as the over-the-counter brands Nexium 24HR, Prilosec OTC and PrevAcid 24HR.

On February 22nd, ‘Science Day,’ the federal proton pump inhibitor litigation assembled its newest status conference. This event gave the parties involved the opportunity to apprise the court of the medical and scientific issues central to their claims and it was held on the same day.

  • When taking any medication you should double and triple check with your doctor, pharmacist for potential interactions and a nutrition specialists as many medications deplete nutrients.