Know Your Noodle, Making Every Bite Count In Your CKD Diet

Pastas are a staple of many peoples’ diets and can definitely have a place in a healthy CKD diet, but if you have diabetic kidney disease and your body struggles with balancing its blood sugar levels, carbohydrates (which the body converts to sugar) need to be watched like a hawk.

So, what’s a pasta-lover to do? Think outside the rigatoni box, of course.

Nowadays, there are many varieties of vegetables which food manufacturers are being super-versatile with and doing amazing things with. Vegetables like zucchini are being fashioned into healthier updates of old favorites like spaghetti, fries and even some meatless ‘meat’ dishes.

These are much healthier options for anyone, overall, because they give you needed nutrients while also maintaining a lower carb and calorie count. 

The veggie noodles I had, pictured above, are zucchini spirals and can be enjoyed as a part of a pasta salad, or as a nice pasta dinner with a low-sodium pasta sauce.

An added bonus, as you can see from the nutrition label, is that zucchini is rich in Vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity. The potassium and protein content are low too, making this an all-around kidney-friendly food option, and an especially good choice for a CKD diet.