This Quick Renal Diet Tip Could Be Your Favorite New Way To Enjoy Salad!
Hi, this is Robert Galarowicz, founder of which is all about helping people treat their chronic kidney disease naturally.

In today’s video, I’ll be talking about one of my favorite kidney-friendly ways to put a spin on a staple of my healthy kidney diet, salads. Salads are a great food to add to your diet if you have chronic kidney disease because they contain lots of nutrients and vitamins that can help your body function better. But let’s be honest, salads can get a bit redundant if you eat them all the time. So, sometimes it’s nice to try a little variety to spice things up.

One of the things I’ll add to give my salad a southwestern flavor are just regular, plain sodium-free (or low sodium) corn chips. These add crunch and texture while also helping you keep on track with your kidney diet. I’ll also use a sodium-free or low-sodium dressing to make my salad especially healthy.

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