This Salad Is About To Become One Of Your Favorite Renal Diet Foods

In terms of renal diet foods and the meals you can put together, you may think a lot of things when the word ‘salad’ comes to mind. Boring. Bland. Uninteresting. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! With renal diet foods, you may need to pay closer attention to things like potassium, sodium and phosphorous content, but there are still a variety of things you can do to keep your meals mixed-up and flavorful.

One of the things I enjoy, as you can see in the video below is to create a southwestern type salad with sodium-free corn chips. This is a good choice as it gives you a bit of crunch to keep the texture interesting while also being low enough in sodium to keep your salad kidney-friendly. 

I bought the corn chips used in the video at Trader Joe’s as they offer a salt-free brand, but salt-free varieties are readily available in a variety of stores. Here are just a few companies that offer something comparable:

  • Trader Joe’s Unsalted White Corn Tortilla Chips
  • Xochitl No Salt Corn Chips
  • Garden of Eatin’ No Salt Added Tortilla Chips
  • Donkey Chips Unsalted Tortilla Chips

There are numerous ways to incorporate variety into salads, which are one of the best renal diet foods you can eat, and should be enjoying as frequently as possible. If corn chips aren’t your thing, try to experiment with different kinds of greens, add craisins, sodium-free wonton strips or orange wedges for a Mandarin-style salad. 

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