So Far, Aldi’s Has The Best Price For Organic, Frozen Blueberries

You know here at Healthy Kidney Inc., we regularly sing the praises of the blueberry and all that it can do for everything from kidney disease to weight loss and anti-aging.

So, it’s only natural that when I had a couple of extra pounds to lose, I turned to blueberries to tame my snack cravings, switching out my evening snacks with frozen blueberries instead for two weeks straight (about 2 lbs of blueberries total). I went through them pretty fast, since I love blueberries and as we’ve previously noted, there are so many different delicious ways to eat them!

The great news about this, too, is that even though I went through the blueberries fast, there was no guilt involved since 2 cups are approximately 160-170 calories per serving. I’m already stocking up again, and found that the best price I’ve seen locally are at chain supermarket Aldi’s. These frozen blueberries are organic, too, which is really important in selecting a quality blueberry.











Next time you’re doing your grocery shopping, you should definitely be sure to grab some of this versatile fruit and use it to maintain your kidney health, keep your weight down or just feel better about your nighttime snacking.