First Drug Approved For Polycystic Kidney Disease!

Until yesterday there was no treatment, in the U.S. for PKD aside 
from controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. 
But PKD sufferers are now in luck! An old drug which was found to help slow down the cyst growth of PKD has recently been approved. This drug, called JYNARQUE™  has been approved and used in other parts of the world. 
There is finally an option to discuss with your doctor. Hopefully, it’s not very expensive, but a drug that is the only option for conventional PKD treatment is most likely going to be in high demand. Still, this is a welcome relief for sufferers of PKD who’ve long awaited such an option.
Conventional treatment can undoubtedly provide good results, but aside from discussing this drug with your doctor take a look at the many options available for PKD. We have a few articles and a video about holistic remedies that help. 
To your best kidney health … 
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