Failing Kidney Function Linked to Risk of Osteoporosis-Related Fractures

Osteoporosis is a common condition among people who are growing old, and can lead to serious injury after a fall, affecting mobility. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is connected to osteoporosis and many older people who have easy fractures due to osteoporosis invariably also suffer from CKD.

A group of researchers studied the relationship between CKD and osteoporosis and here are their findings.

  • CKD is found more among African Americans but they have lower fracture levels than Caucasians.
  • About 33% of all older adults suffer from fractures due to osteoporosis and 25% develop CKD.
  • Even elderly patients that suffer from moderate CKD also have increased risk of fractures.
  • As the patient’s kidney function deteriorates, or as CKD becomes more pronounced, the risk for fractures increases.
  • Another population-based study that performed a competing risk analysis found 16% greater risk of hip fracture and 83% higher risk of death in people suffering from CKD.
  • Patients with a moderate level of kidney failure have much higher risk of fractures than patients without degenerative kidney problems. To the researchers this indicates that adults with decreased kidney function ought to be screened for osteoporosis even though their condition has not reached the CKD stage.

Based on their findings, the researchers have concluded that declining kidney function, especially in CKD patients, is linked to an increased risk of fractures related to osteoporosis.

They also believe that lowered kidney function is a risk factor for bone fracture though current medical practice does not consider it to be. At present patients suffering from CKD are not being recommended for osteoporosis screening. Only men over 65 are being referred for osteoporosis screening when they have at least one of the risk factors for fracture.

Based on their findings and interpretation, the researchers believe that their findings should be considered in the future when guidelines for osteoporosis are updated.

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