Medscape Study: Nephrologists Are The Most Burnt Out, So Quality of Care Drops. 

Medical news hub, Medscape regularly publishes an annual report on the lifestyle factors of medical professionals and specifically how these factors contribute to their ability to effectively attend patients. Nephrologists are surprisingly one of the top kinds of specialists that are effected by chronic burnout.

Here were some of the most interesting findings:
  • The top contributing factors that nephrologists cited as being the main causes of their burnout were too many bureaucratic tasks, spending too many hours at work and lack of respect from administrators.
  • Almost 90% of the Nephrologists surveyed revealed they did not participate in any workplace programs for stress/burnout, they also comprised one of the highest percentages who cited they were not happy at work
  • Nephrologists were among the top three specialists who were least likely to seek out professional help for dealing with work-related stress overload, psychiatrists were the most likely to.

How To Make Sure Your Nephrologist Isn’t Burnt Out … 
A burnt out nephrologist is probably not the doctor you want to be seeing. Research shows being burnt out in any profession causes you to be less empathetic, the quality of work deteriorates, and the practitioner is not spending a lot of time thinking about how to help your situation.
Look for these signs of a burnt out nephrologist on your visits to make sure you’re getting the best care.

  • Exhaustion is a common sign of burnout. If your nephrologist seems chronically exhausted or lacking energy, they may not be functioning at 100% and are likely not as focused as they should be on your case
  • Depersonalization. If your nephrologist seems to lack a good bedside manner, especially all of a sudden when they had previously been compassionate and genuinely interested in helping you, this could be a sign of burnout. All the patients start to blur into anonymous cases and this means lackluster care.
  • Decreased effectiveness. If the treatments your nephrologist is recommending aren’t working and this is happening frequently, it could be a sign they’re burnt out and not thinking as constructively as they once were, this results in a level of attention that is often ineffective.

A nephrologist is such a vital part of your kidney health team, so it’s really important they are operating at 100% so they can give you the top level of care you deserve. And another great part of kidney health involves what you put into your body, so be sure to take a look at our articles and videos and visit our shop page for great resources to keep your kidneys healthy.