CKD In Children…Here’s Some Top Tips To Help Kids With Kidney Disease

Hi everyone, here’s a quick video I recently did about some studies we’ve referenced before concerning kids with chronic kidney disease and how it negatively impacts the state of their bone health.

As we know, children often engage in lots of rough and tumble activities and that level of activity couple with brittle bones is never a good combo. So, here are some tips that I showcase in the video to help make sure your little one is maintaining the highest level of kidney care.

  • Start giving them a Vitamin D3 supplement to help counter weak bones.
  • Ditch pre-packed soups, they are high in sodium and phosphorous which are both no-no’s for kidney disease and which can contribute to the weakening of bones.
  • Use a great kids’ multivitamin to ensure that the vitamins and nutrients you give your child are being totally absorbed by their systems. 

For more videos, be sure to check out our YouTube and as always, stay healthy everyone!