UFC’s Uriah Hall Opens Up About His Struggle With Acute Kidney Failure

Uriah hall, a UFC middleweight fighter recently had a health scare just before his last fight as a result of the recent weight cut. He is now taking measures to ensure it never happens again. Perhaps, he would have to put together a combination of medication and lifestyle changes before his next fight, which should be against Paulo Costa.

At UFC Fight Night 124, where Hall was to fight Vitor Belfort, he collapsed on the way to the scale and even though he already made weight moments before, he experience a severe convulsion as a result of an acute kidney failure. He had to be pulled from the fight immediately.

Hall later stated that he got prescribed probiotics to help deal with the stomach problem that contributed to the weight cutting issue he had. He also noted that he now sleeps better and eats healthier and this has had a tremendous effect on how he feels during fight camps.

He stated that he forgets he is no longer so young and as such, his body can’t do all it used to do. Hence the reason for more sleep. He feels it’s the little details that count and basically, him doing all he can to discipline the body.

As Hall gets closer to the UFC 226, which is scheduled to take place on the 7th of July at the T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, he has taken up Costa to be another source of motivation. He was initially scheduled to have a fight with Costa at the UFC Fight Night 128 but due to Costa’s Injured arm, the fight couldn’t happen. Hall stated that Costa is talented and hungry and that serves as more motivation for him, noting that the initial schedule couldn’t happen for some reasons but he has since been training and dieting right to get himself the right frame of mind.

One of the most important things I neglected was my body and because I was young, my pride and mindset was like I’m fine and I can work round it as an athlete – according to Hall. He now understand that even as an athlete, you need to have the courage to accept that certain things just aren’t working and then find a way to adjust and move on.

Acute kidney failure affects thousands each year, diet and especially supplements can help support kidney health for even the most vigorous athletes. It’s vital that those who have rigorous daily schedules involving lots of physical activity take care of themselves even more carefully if the kidneys are impaired. Making diet and supplementation a priority can make all the difference.