What Do Soft Drinks Do To Kidneys? Nothing Good.

Medical experts on Friday advised Ramadan fasters not to consume soft drinks at Iftar time because after sixteen hours of fasting, they’re much more prone to negatively impact kidney function.

This helps to direct attention to a topic on the minds of many CKD patients who enjoy soda. Can you keep drinking it when you have kidney problems?

As the experts say, it isn’t recommended. Water is the best way to stay hydrated, but sometimes it can get a little boring. So, the next best way to add some flavor to your fluids is to make juices yourself!

Homemade drinks like lemonade and other juices or nectars are much better, not only due to their added vitamin content, but also they tend to do a better job of quenching thirst than many fizzy, artificially sweetened soft drinks.

And another fabulous way to stay hydrated healthfully all while keeping hunger at bay is eating the fruit those juices are made from. Not only does this keep sugar content down, it also maximizes the benefits of each distinct fruit.

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