Bad Blood Flow In Kids With CKD Causes Cognitive Impairment…Here’s What To Do

Some new research recently published online in the Radiology journal has further linked the presence of chronic kidney disease with brain lesions which can cause sharp declines in cognitive function, especially among children afflicted by the disease.

Good cognitive function is so essential in children, as so much of their mental development is taking place during these formative years and those with CKD can all too often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the most from their education.

But, there are some natural ways to boost cognitive function and counter kidney disease’s ill effects on brain health…

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids! These have been found to be crucial to good brain health and are found in supplements and naturally in many types of fish. 
  • Exercise! Have your kids engage in 40 minutes of exercise each day at least 5 days a week. This helps blood flow to the brain more effectively. 
  •  Encourage your child to play games that involve problem solving skills and memory recall, put together puzzles with them or do other activities that keep them utilizing their mental faculties as much as possible.

Following these tips regularly and making them a part of your child’s routine can greatly help them deal with the mental side-effects of childhood kidney disease. Here are some links to other articles for parents of children with kidney disease that deal with bone health, another point of concern for kids with kidney disease.

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And here’s Robert discussing childhood kidney disease in greater detail. Remember, your child depends on you to do the very best for them to thrive in spite of their condition and the best tool you have at your disposal is knowledge, so be sure to stay informed on all news related to childhood kidney disease by checking our article section frequently and keeping up with us on social media.