Apartment Building Water Could Be Toxic To Your Kidneys 

Residents of the Mystic View complex in Pullman, Michigan have received dire news after a routine water examination revealed extremely elevated levels of cadmium last month.

Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal proven to cause kidney failure as well as extensive damage to the lungs and bones. The standard limit for cadmium levels permissible in drinking water is 0.005 mg per liter or 5 parts per billion. The results of the Mystic View water test revealed their well water supply contained levels that were between 0.063 to 0.082 parts per million, far beyond the allowed range. 

Although residents have been provided with bottled drinking water as mandated by local health department officials until the issue is resolved and water is brought up to EPA standards, the news is still terribly disconcerting.

Cadmium Sources:

  • Corroded, galvanized pipes
  • Metal Refinery Discharge
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Waste Battery Runoff
  • Some Paints
  • Soil Erosion

For home owners, it’s crucial to keep your pipework updated and clean, especially if you have a very old home. For apartment dwellers living in older buildings, it’s vital that the building owners keep your domicile up to code, if you have any suspicions they are not, don’t be afraid to bring your concerns up with your landlord. 

Here’s a link to a quick, DIY cadmium-detection test: 


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