What This Exotic Fruit Does For Your Kidneys Will Amaze You

A new study from the International Urology and Nephrology Journal uncovered some exciting new benefits of the Açai berry, which originates in Brazil’s Amazon region. Namely, how its unique properties can help to improve many of the most problematic symptoms of serious kidney issue.

Some of the main components Açai berries noted for their potential therapeutic benefit in kidney issues include:

  • Anthocyanins, water-soluble vacuolar pigments which are found in many richly colored berries and which boast a number of health benefits.
  • A-Tocopherol, a type of Vitamin E.
  • Prebiotics, or fuel for “good bacteria,” which in the açai is found in its anthocyanins.

Bearing these different qualities in mind, the study sought to understand how they could be applied toward the benefit of chronic kidney sufferers. The chief problems facing kidney sufferers which could possibly be effectively countered by regular açai berry consumption included:

  • Oxidative stress, which leads to cardiovascular disease. This can be countered by açai berries’ anti-oxidant qualities, which as a bonus, also serve as an anti-aging agent.
  • Inflammation, which is widespread in kidney sufferers and causes swelling, aches and pains. This can be off-set by the plentiful flavonoids (anti-inflammatory agents) inherent in açai berries.
  • Dysbiosis, or, microbial imbalance which can lead to bacteria disrupting digestive function and which can be remedies by the prebiotic agents in açai berries.

This, along with many other health-promoting effects have led researchers to believe the açai berry along with dishes and drinks made with açai as a primary ingredient could provide a tremendous benefit to kidney sufferers struggling with inflammation, digestive upset and other symptoms.

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