The CKD-High Blood Pressure Link And The Bread That May Help Lower It

If you have chronic kidney disease, chances are you also have high blood pressure. If you do, however, you may not even be aware of it, as a large number of people who have high blood pressure rarely notice the symptoms.

However, if not treated, high blood pressure can lead to very serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease which can be very dangerous as the higher the pressure, the harder it is for our heart to pump blood around our body.

Hypertension is also liable to cause an enlarged heart while putting strain on the blood vessels which can burst or leak causing major damage to vital organs and exacerbating any kidney disease symptoms along with leading to the development of conditions such as: gout, vascular dementia and vision problems.

One of the only good things about high blood pressure is how treatable it is. We can prevent or reduce high blood pressure just by eating the proper foods. 

Bread, which is important in our diet because it is high in fiber and carbohydrates as well as low in fat, is a good source of energy.  However certain breads can actually increase the reading of blood pressure.

The best bread to eat would be one you make yourself without salt, but if you’re going to choose one at the store which will not increase your blood pressure, choose whole wheat, that is, if your phosphorous levels are low enough.

This is a crucial point to keep in mind if you are dealing with chronic kidney disease, because whole grain products tend to contain a lot of phosphorous which the kidneys have great difficulty filtering and which could do damage to your bones.

If you are dealing with higher phosphorous levels in connection to chronic kidney disease, you should instead opt for white bread, always choosing the brand with the lowest amount of sodium. Some other safe options with relatively low phosphorous content include sourdough bread, French bread, Italian bread and dinner rolls.

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