These 2 Simple CKD Diet Exchanges Can Help Lower Your Potassium

There are a lot of things you have to watch out for when trying to maintain a healthy kidney disease diet. One of those things is potassium, which isn’t filtered as effectively by impaired kidneys. Due to this, it can lead to problems with your bones.

One great way to keep potassium levels down, is to practice the art of food exchanging. Avocados and tomatoes are two of the highest potassium, yet most beloved, foods I hear about from people dealing with CKD. They should be limited and in recipes that utilize them (like marinara sauce, for example) you should try to seek an alternative. For example, instead of eating your pasta with marinara sauce, utilize an extra virgin olive oil with just a hint of parmesan cheese.

Practicing food substitution and moderation of high potassium foods can help you maintain and support normal kidney function. Here’s a recent video with some more information about how to keep potassium low in your chronic kidney disease diet.

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