Patients With Renal Disease Can Avoid Hyperparathyroidism With This Diet

A recent systematic review by Sichuan University in China uncovered some new information regarding chronic kidney disease patients undergoing dialysis and hyperparathyroidism. Hyperparathyroidism is an excess of the parathyroid hormones which typically result from low blood calcium levels. Its denoted by an enlargement of any of the four smaller glands located on the thyroid in the neck. Symptoms can include ulcers, nausea and frequent urination, but often don’t show in earlier stages. It effects the kidneys by limiting the amount of magnesium and calcium filtered from the bloodstream and stimulates kidneys to make calcitriol, which in turn, increases phosphorous, magnesium and calcium levels.

The study found that those dealing with the risk of developing hyperparathyroidism were able to prevent its occurrence by adopting a lower protein diet which also included supplementation with keto analogues, a type of precursor to amino acids, which provide necessary protein without the substances which could potentially further harm kidney function. Adopting this approach helped to lower the levels of parathyroid hormones and help prevent both hyperparathyroidism and malnutrition.

The findings came about as a result of 5 randomized controlled trials examining the effects of lower protein diet plans supplemented with keto analogues on protein levels of patients. In comparison to normal protein diets, the lower protein diet helped balance serum albumin levels without the risk of hyperparathyroidism or elevated phosphorous levels.

Some of the best ways to lower your protein naturally are:

  • Avoiding red meat/fish/nuts/seeds, etc. which you should already be doing if you have CKD
  • Eating more in the way of fruits and vegetables
  • Being extra-alert when reading food labels

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