Baking Soda Could Prevent & Keep Diabetes From Progressing Into Deadly Kidney Problem!

There have been lots of natural remedies out there touted as great ways to control your diabetes, but perhaps one of the most surprising is hidden in the back of your pantry. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a vital regulator of pH levels in the body.

In a study intended to track the correlation between levels of bicarbonate in the blood serum and risk of developing diabetes, researchers based out of a health center in Beijing, China determined that those in the first, second and third lowest quartiles had a higher risk of developing diabetes. 

These findings served to bolster findings from a previous study conducted in 2012 which likewise found that those with a higher concentration of bicarbonate had a lower incidence of diabetes progression. This news is wonderful for people who are looking to implement as many natural treatment methods as possible to help keep their diabetes in control.

Diabetes, if unchecked, can often progress to serious kidney issues and other serious, life-threatening illnesses, so it’s important to ensure you’re doing all you can to keep your levels balanced. One of the most important aspects of diabetes management is adopting the right diet and sticking to it, but the right supplementation is also key as this study proves.

Kidney Restore, my very own supplement which contains sodium bicarbonate is designed to help support more normal kidney function, but can also be used by people to support kidney and diabetic health. The sodium bicarbonate contained in Kidney Restore, in addition to the probiotic and prebiotic blend can go a long way to helping you support your efforts to ensuring the best health possible.