Coffee Could Be Just What Your Kidneys Need

Caffeine and kidney disease have often shared an uncertain relationship, with many conflicting reports over the years pointing to whether or not coffee has a positive impact, negative impact or no impact at all on the kidneys. A recent study in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation has followed the recent trend of positive correlations between coffee consumption and kidney health by concluding that coffee consumption could help prevent mortality in people living with CKD.

This also piggybacks upon previous studies regarding the health effects of coffee on the general public. According to these studies, coffee could prevent premature death in habitual drinkers. Researchers still don’t have a definite answer to how it can benefit kidney health specifically, but hypothesized that this could be due to an effect on the blood vessels, helping to release nitric oxide which improve overall function and which CKD patients are often deficient in.

Nearly 90% of adults in the U.S. consume some kind of caffeinated beverage on a daily basis. 14% of U.S. adults have CKD. This study followed close to 5,000 Americans throughout a 10-year period and found that the subjects who drank coffee regularly had a 25% lower rate of mortality than those who did not. All this seems to point to an undeniable link between coffee consumption and keeping your chronic kidney disease in check.

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