Caterpillar Fungus AKA Cordyceps…Miracle Kidney Cure Or Quack Treatment?

 Chinese traditional medicine utilizes a unique form of CKD treatment which involves a supplement derived from caterpillar fungus. Also known as Cordyceps Sinensis, it is technically a parasite which grows from a caterpillar’s head before becoming a flowering body.

It’s been used by practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine to treat kidney disease, but also cancers and other health problems related to immunity. Chinese traditional remedies have long been under scrutiny for their safety as well as the ethical dilemma regarding animal-sourced ingredients like powdered rhino horn.

A recent study, however, sought to determine the concrete benefits and potential detriments of therapeutic treatment with the supplement under a controlled setting, specifically for people living with chronic kidney disease.In the research study, treatment with cordyceps was measured against a placebo.

According to the results of the study, in CKD patients who were not currently undergoing dialysis, the cordyceps treatment significantly decreased serum creatinine levels, increased clearance of said creatinine and reduced levels of protein in the urine.

Utilizing data collected from 22 studies involving nearly 2000 participants, researchers concluded that cordyceps could safely be used to the benefit of CKD patients in dealing with some of their most troubling symptoms.

Some Of The Methods By Which Cordyceps Could Work, As Theorized By Scientists:

  • Decreasing progression of CKD to ESRD (end-stage renal disease)
  • Reducing serum creatinine levels
  • Increasing creatinine clearance
  • Increasing serum albumin and hemoglobin
  • Improving lipid metabolism
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Improvement in Anemia symptoms
  • Improvement in bone

Cordyceps is additionally known to be effective for a number of other issues both related and unrelated to kidney disease. Issues such as:

  • Increasing Immune Function This is generally due to its anti-inflammatory properties and can boost your body’s immune response to colds, flus, viruses and other illnesses. Definitely useful for people with kidney disease who need to shore up their body’s natural defenses as much as possible. 
  • Slowing The Aging Process Again, due to Cordyceps’ anti-inflammatory properties, the body experiences a surge in anti-oxidants which help protect against symptoms of aging and also boost brain function leading to longer, fuller lives.
  • Improving Athletic Prowess Cordyceps is able to boost ATP the body’s main source of energy during periods of exertion. This helps you lengthen your workouts and maximize your performance.
  • Enhances Libido Cordyceps may help improve blood flow along with improving energy and endurance levels which can help boost sexual desire and fertility.
  • Regulates Blood Sugar This attribute of Cordyceps is of exceptional importance to CKD sufferers who often face Diabetes in conjunction with their CKD. Managing blood sugar is a vital part of living a healthier lifestyle with diabetes.
  • Cardiovascular Support This is another aspect of Cordyceps which is pretty important for those living with CKD as they are at a much higher risk of developing heart problems in conjunction with their CKD. Cordyceps can reduce the triglycerides responsible for heart disease, while also lowering another risk factor…high cholesterol.
  • Protecting Against Cancer, the anti-oxidant boost provided by Cordyceps can help shield the body against cancer cells and even help with easing the side effects of cancer treatment.

In conclusion, researchers believe that there is a staggering body of evidence which touts the myriad benefits of cordyceps treatment in conjunction with conventional Western approaches.

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