Selena Gomez Faces Tough Times Tied To Transplant, Kidney Disease and Lupus

Selena Gomez’s struggles continue with the young star finding herself recently hospitalized again over depression associated with her kidney transplant.

Selena Gomez has suffered an “emotional breakdown” due to her kidney transplant last year and has been hospitalized twice in the past 2 weeks. Selena who is 26, was admitted after becoming “despondent and emotional” over an extremely low white blood cell count after her kidney transplant.

In a transplant patient, a low white blood cell count can be the result of a lowered immune response to infection. Gomez who was admitted and released but returned again for the same medical issue, “freaked out”, had a “meltdown” and tried to leave against doctor’s orders by tearing IV lines out of her arm.

She was moved to a psychiatric facility where she is now receiving dialectical behavior therapy which is used to treat mental health disorders and which Gomez has had in the past. Physically and emotionally, recent years have not been easy for Selena Gomez. A few months back she ended her on and off relationship with Justin Bieber who recently married model Hailey Baldwin.

In 2014 Gomez was in rehab for 2 weeks being treated for different issues such as her relationship with 
Bieber, marijuana, alcohol and Ambien. She has also blamed her anxiety and depression on having Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. And in 2017 she underwent kidney transplant which she received from her best friend.

In 2018 Gomez said in an interview that she has had issues with depression and anxiety for a long time. 
Before her recent hospitalizations she told her fans that depression was her life for 5 years.

We at Healthy Kidney wish Selena a speedy recovery and hope this serves as a reminder to people everywhere dealing with depression associated with chronic illnesses like kidney disease and lupus, to always be vigilant of your emotional health and to reach out to support networks and seek help if necessary.

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