Could Online Psychology Exercises Result In Happier CKD And Dialysis Patients?

A new study has discovered that kidney dialysis patients who take part in exercises that are technology-based and psychologically positive during their treatments can improve their quality of life as well as their depression.

In a study that lasted 5 weeks, patients who suffered from depression and used laptops to complete positive psychology exercises on-line reported that they felt better about coping with their illness.

Some examples of positive psychology exercises for those who may not know what they are, include:

  • Listing things you’re grateful for in a gratitude journal.
  • Practicing self-affirmations
  • Self-Worth Development
  • Self-Acceptance Techniques
  • Self-Reflection

Patients who participated in these exercises went on to incorporate these new positive skills in their everyday life. Hemodialysis patients usually suffer from depression which can worsen their condition.

Positive psychology such as optimism and gratitude can also be very beneficial to patients who suffer from HIV, diabetes and heart disease.

This is a great alternative to all the medications usually prescribed to these patients. And don’t make the mistake of thinking these exercises only benefit people receiving dialysis, they can be beneficial to anyone living with CKD. Websites such as provide numerous resources and exercises which can be beneficial.

Most participants who took part in this program said they felt the exercises helped them in coping with their kidney disease.

Dialysis sessions can usually be boring and can last up to 4 hours each but when the exercises distract them, it makes the whole experience a lot less unpleasant.

There are lots of other things you can do while undergoing dialysis to make the time pass more quickly. It’s a wonderful time to catch up on reading and, it can also be a great time to use means such as stationary bicycles to ensure you’re getting enough exercise. 

This study confirmed that it can help with depression and help patients have a better attitude in general. The more you exercise your mind and body, the better you’ll feel and when it comes to receiving dialysis, which is an unwelcome experience for many, every little bit helps.

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