The Higher Your Uric Acid Levels The Greater Your Risk Of Developing CKD

Research shows that high levels of uric acid causes metabolic syndrome which can cause stroke and cardiovascular disease also known as hyperuricemia.

It used to be believed that high levels of uric acid caused only gout but doctors should also look for hypertension and kidney disease in hyperuricemia patients.  This is a very important factor as it can cause chronic kidney disease and lead to renal failure which is when patients need to have dialysis and kidney transplants.

It is urged that doctors always check the levels of uric acid in patients who suffer from kidney disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

It is highly recommended to treat these patients with uric acid lowering drugs as most people with high levels of uric acid do not live the healthiest of lives.

A balanced diet will surely lower uric acid levels and patients should stay away from too much beef, shellfish and too much alcohol which increase uric acid levels.

High levels of uric acid can also be the cause of stone formation in kidneys.

Kidney patients should keep track of their uric acid levels because when elevated it can lead to chronic kidney disease and renal failure.

For more information about the connection between uric acid and kidney disease, be sure to check out our videos about the subject.