Tocotrienol AKA Palm Oil Could Stop Diabetic Kidney Disease From Killing You

New research says that supplements with a full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex can slow the progression of diabetic kidney disease in those patients with type 2 diabetes. Type-2 diabetics face some of the highest probabilities of developing diabetic kidney disease which creates a whole new host of additional health issues in a population that’s already dealing with their fair share.

People with diabetic kidney disease have a higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease, poor quality of life, cognitive dysfunction and hospitalization. This is enough of a red flag for any diabetic or even pre-diabetic to be extra vigilant about keeping their diabetes under control and using whatever supplements possible to prevent it from escalating into full-blown kidney problems.

A recent study which tested several blood samples, examined one such supplement. In people who took tocotrienol, there was a large reduction in serum creatinine which prevents the progression of renal impairment. Elevated creatinine levels signify impaired kidney function because of the kidney’s inability to clear creatinine from the blood. 

Tocotrienol has been proven to have 40–60 times more potent antioxidant activity compared to tocopherol and has superior anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and cardioprotective properties. It’s also a very potent source of vitamin E, which is super-beneficial to people living with chronic kidney disease.

Thanks to this latest study, we can see that tocotrienol could be a valuable addition to your kidney supplement regimen. If you’re interested in discovering other supplements and vitamins which could benefit CKD symptoms, be sure to check out some of our articles and videos.