Chronic Kidney Disease Linked To Increased Colorectal Cancer Risk

Researchers have found that people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) might have a bigger chance of getting colorectal cancer (CRC) whether or not they have had kidney transplants. Among people with kidney diseases and kidney transplants, many studies have shown a bigger chance of cancer of different organs like the colon.

Surgeons have been performing a lot more renal transplants as a treatment for end-stage kidney disease which have been so helpful and given good results however, transplant and exposure to immunosuppressive drugs increase the chance of post-transplant cancer.

Studies also show that patients with CKDs had a much more increased chance of CRC even before a kidney transplant. Chronic inflammation that goes along with CKD can lead to many types of malignant cancers.

One of the best ways to keep cancer at bay is through careful monitoring of one’s diet. Eating and drinking antioxidants like fruits (especially berries) and certain teas can help boost your chances of preventing cancerous free radicals from ravaging already vulnerable systems.

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