Is Your Pet Overweight? According To New Study Says Most In America Are

Obesity in our pets can lead to many health problems, especially kidney and liver disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart failure and even cancer.

Many if not more than half of pets in America are overweight. One of the tell-tale signs according to veterinarians is an inability to feel their ribs without feeling layers of fat. Also they should have an hourglass shape where the waist is, not look like a straight rectangle.  Twice a day feedings per day is good and food should always be measured.

Sometimes fat pets are thought of as cute but this is unfortunately a serious issue. It is very unhealthy for pets and overfeeding could be part of the problem. Additionally, pets should be fed appropriately for their age (puppy or kitten food, adult food and senior food). Give them reputable food from reputable companies and do not feed table food although plain turkey and plain mashed potatoes are ok to give them.  Also green beans and carrots are good snacks for your pets.

Obesity can result in serious health issues such as kidney disease and it can reduce the life of your pet.

When pets are fat it also affects their digestive organs as well as their bones and the organs used to breathe.

Spaying and neutering reduces pets’ caloric needs as well which means less likelihood of obesity developing. As this is one of the most preventable ailments in pets, any concerned pet parent ought to take proactive measures to minimize the presence of obesity and obesity-related problem further on down the line.

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