Marijuana Has No Ill Effects On Kidney Transplants According To New Study

We get constant questions about this, as it is a very hot-button topic for folks who’ve received transplants, so there’s been an influx of recent studies regarding the effect of marijuana on kidney function. All through the United States organ donors and patients who need new organs usually get turned down if they consume cannabis. But the reasoning behind such a decision has always been a somewhat nebulous and debated matter.

There was the case of gentleman in Maine who suffers from renal failure but was turned down because of his marijuana use. But no research had ever been done to see what effects marijuana had on kidney donations. A new study found that cannabis has no effect on the result of transplants.

Researchers reviewed the medical records of 294 living donors including 31 who used cannabis and found there was no difference between the 2 groups as far as how they responded to their transplants.

This can definitely increase the amount of donors.

There is a shortage of kidney donors at the time, but due to these newly found facts researchers hope this is something that will soon change dramatically, as donors who do use marijuana can still save lives.

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